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General Faculty Information

Berkeley Haas information for Ladder and Professional Faculty, directory of the Haas Faculty, and useful contacts for New Instructors.

Berkeley Haas PowerPoint Templates

Berkeley Haas PowerPoint Templates to present a sharper, more unified message for our school.

Teaching Tips: From TIES Student Feedback

Tips to improve teaching performance based on student evaluations.

Classroom Tools

Tools to engage students and help them feel more welcome, as well as sample syllabi and Berkeley Haas PowerPoint Templates.

Grading and Assessment Helpful Links

Helpful links on Grading Policies, Curve Policies, and other related items.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Information on making the classroom a safer space for students by promoting diversity and inclusion.

Academic Integrity and Policies

Information on how to deal with various forms of academic dishonesty.

Visit Other Learning Centers

Links to other leaning centers.

Key Berkeley CTL Resources