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Additional Academic Opportunities

Off-Program Electives

Off-Program electives are those offered outside of the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program curriculum. Block week electives and Immersion Weeks are not considered off-program electives. The Program Office must approve enrollment in all off-program electives. Electives that are considered off-program electives include Independent Studies, Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program, Haas Full-Time MBA Program, Haas Masters in Financial Engineering Program, and courses taken through non-Haas graduate programs within UC Berkeley. All off-program electives require Program Office approval and are limited to a maximum of four approved units.

Students must be in good academic and financial standing in order to enroll in off-program courses.

Good academic and financial standing are defined as:

  • Not on academic probation
  • Financial accounts must be current
  • No failing grades in the previous term
  • No account holds placed on a student’s account (e.g. health, library, etc.)

Independent Study and Team Project Courses

After completing your core curriculum during your first three terms, you may enroll in an Independent Study course for one or two units. The XMBA 293 course is your opportunity to do research in an area of interest to you, in which there are no existing courses. You must find a Haas faculty member willing to serve as your XMBA 293 supervisor, and together, devise a format. This might include a project, a paper, or a set of directed readings and an exam.

Additional guidelines for Independent Study courses include:
  • Sponsoring faculty must have a current appointment at Haas during the semester that you are enrolled in the Independent Study.
  • You may take more than one independent study course, although no more than four units of XMBA 293 can be counted toward your MBA degree.
  • XMBA 293 must be taken for a letter grade.
  • You may not enroll in an XMBA 293 or other for-credit independent study as an "add-on" to an existing course.
  • You may enroll in XMBA 293 as part of a team.
  • You may not enroll in an XMBA 293 with professors from whom you are concurrently taking a regular course.

A maximum of four course units can be taken through Independent Study. Requests to exceed this number of units must be approved by the Executive Director of the MBA for Working Professionals Program Office.

Download a XMBA 293 enrollment form (Word Doc) or get one in the MBA for Executives Program Office.

Block Week Format Electives

In addition to the International Seminar options, the Program may offer some elective courses in the block week format. Currently, there are a very limited number of these courses available. Students are responsible for all costs (airfare, accommodations, etc.) associated with these courses. Course materials and some meals are included in the tuition.

Faculty Profile

Greg La Blanc

Gregory La Blanc


Gregory La Blanc has been a lecturer at UC Berkeley since 2004, teaching courses in Finance, Accounting, Law, and Strategy in the Haas School, Berkeley Law, and the Department of Economics. He also consults frequently with companies on competitive intelligence, marketing, and strategy.

"I really like a classroom dynamic where everyone is learning—the students and faculty as well. That's always how it is with experienced students," says La Blanc.

Visit La Blanc's Faculty Page to Learn More