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Please find below all suggested and required pre-term assignments and readings that have been assigned by the Term 1 professors for the Class of 2015. Make sure to check back here for any updates. Course materials will be distributed at the pre-term workshops or by mail for any student not attending the workshops.

Optional Pre-Term Workshops

  • To help students prepare for the start of the MBA Program, the Program Office will be offering three pre-term workshops. The workshops will be held at Haas. They are optional, but strongly encouraged for students who may need a refresher in quantitative areas. Please save the date for the following workshops:
    • Saturday, May 3 (morning) - Accounting Refresher
    • Saturday, May 3 (afternoon) - Excel Skills
    • Sunday, May 4 - Math/Quant Refresher

Additional information on the pre-term workshops will be sent to all enrolled students.

Data and Decisions

  • *NEW* Please read/review section 4.5 (pages 125-127) of the textbook, Business Statistics, Communicating with Numbers, paying special attention to combinations and permutation forumals. The first session of Data and Decisions will cover chapters 3 - 5 of the course textbook, Business Statistics, Communicating with Numbers. It is not necessary to read the chapters in advance of the session.

Financial Accounting

  • After attending the pre-term Fundamentals of Accounting workshop, you should complete the following assignments. If you are not attending the workshop, you will have access to podcasts/recordings shortly. The assignments below are due on Monday, May 12. You will receive instructions on how to submit your assignment via email.
  • Assignment #1: watch the Fundamentals of Accounting podcast - 1 and/or read Module 1 from the textbook Financial Accounting for MBAs. Do and submit the following exercises at the end of Module 1 in the text: E1-28, E1-30, P1-36 (only (a)) and P1-39.
  • Assignment #2: watch the Fundamentals of Accounting podcast - 2, 3 & 4 and/or read Module 2 & 3 from the textbook Financial Accounting for MBAs. Do and submit the following exercises at the end of Modules 2 & 3 in the text: P2-38, P2-45 (only (a)), P2-48 (only (a)), M3-14, M3-15, M3-18, M3-19, M3-23.

Economics for Business Decision Making

  • Optional reading: Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science by Charles Wheelan and Burton G. Malkiel

Any changes to assignments will be posted as soon as possible. Please be sure to check back often.


The program kicks off with an informative and social Orientation on Wednesday, May 14. During the mandatory day, you’ll get to know your new classmates and gain a sense of what the classroom experience will hold. Orientation is designed to help you assimilate into the Berkeley-Haas community, establish your study group and prepare for the academically intense months ahead.

Questions? Need more information? Contact:

Katherine Crowley

Associate Director