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Academic Road Map

To assist you with planning for the program, below are links to comprehensive calendars by graduation year. Please note dates for the off-site immersion weeks are subject to slight adjustments.

Class of 2014 Comprehensive Calendar

Class of 2015 Comprehensive Calendar

Degree Requirement:

The MBA degree from the University of California, Berkeley is awarded after the successful completion of 41 approved units (with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0) in residence at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program awards a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley and will be governed by the common regulations presented on this website. It is the responsibility of each degree candidate in the program to know and fulfill all degree requirements and adhere to all regulations. In addition to these specific regulations, students are also governed by the general regulations that apply to all University of California students (http://uga.berkeley.edu/sas/conductindex.html).

If a student fails to meet the academic requirements of the School and is dismissed for academic reasons, the student will be dismissed from the Program overall.

While the University of California reserves the right to amend these requirements and regulations at any time, every effort is made to inform students before any change is put into effect. Students should consult the Program Office well in advance of graduation to review their records and to monitor completion of degree requirements.

Curriculum Overview:

All students must complete the core curriculum during the first three terms of study. Elective courses will be offered in the fourth and fifth terms. The table below details the curriculum:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5

May - Aug.

Year 1

Sept. - Dec.

Year 1

Jan. - Apr.

Year 1

May - Aug.

Year 2

Sept. - Dec.

Year 2

Economics for Business Decision Making Introduction to Finance Operations Elective Elective
Financial Accounting Leading People Strategic Leadership Elective Elective
Data and Decisions Marketing Management Macroeconomics in the Global Economy Elective Elective
Leadership Communications* Silicon Valley Immersion* Applied Innovation* Washington DC Block* International Seminar*
Building Trust Based Relationships

*Required Off-site Block Week course
Core courses are in bold. Please note the above is subject to change.

In order to graduate, students are required to complete all core courses. A student’s academic or professional background is not a valid substitute for a core course.

Required Off-Site Courses Away from Haas

Leadership Communications (Term 1)
Silicon Valley Immersion (Term 2)
Applied Innovation (Term 3)
Washington DC Seminar (Term 4)
International Seminar (Term 5)

Tuition and fees cover hotel accommodations and some meals for these off-site courses. Tuition does not cover transportation costs to and from the site and students are responsible for making individual travel arrangements.

Attendance at all classes and course-related functions is required for successful completion of each course. Off-site courses are for registered students only, and as such, guests’ attendance is limited to social events such as the opening and closing dinners. Any logistical support or surcharges for guests are a student’s responsibility.

The Program Office reserves the right to change the destination of any off-site course as necessary to protect and ensure the safety of its students.

Course Load

The standard course load is 4 courses, or 8 units, per term. Students requesting an increased or decreased course load are required to seek approval from the Program Office. Five courses is the maximum number of courses a student can request for an overload. Good academic and financial standing is required for any increased course load. Students on academic probation will not be permitted to register for an increased course load. Potential issues students should be aware of:

  • Students with financial aid must register for at least 6 units in any term.
  • Since tuition billing is by unit; your total tuition for a semester will be based on the amount of units you are taking in that particular semester. (For class of 2014 students only).


Students begin taking elective courses in the fourth term. Elective offerings will be determined based on the combined input of students, faculty availability, academic departments, and the Program Office.

Faculty Profile

Catherine Wolfram

Catherine Wolfram

Associate Professor

Wolfram, PhD, is a Barbara & Gerson Bakar Faculty Fellow and the co-Director of the Energy Institute at Haas.Before joining the Haas faculty in 2009, Wolfram taught Economics at Harvard University and was a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She teaches Microeconomics and Energy & Environmental Markets, and has been honored by students with awards for her teaching skills, including the Cheit Award for Best Teacher in the Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program.

"There is a real energy in the classroom when students bring in the issues they are wrestling with at work," says Wolfram "And it is equally thrilling when students talk about how they have used at work something we discussed in class."

Visit Wolfram's Faculty Page to Learn More