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Term 1

Term 1 Schedule

XMBA 201A, Economics for Business Decision Making (2 units)

Business success depends on the successful positioning of the firm and the management of its resources. The goal of this course is to think systematically about achieving competitive advantage through the management of the firm’s resources. We will analyze management decisions concerning real options, cost determination, pricing, and market entry and exit. We will use readings and cases along with class discussion to develop practical insights into managing for competitive advantage.
Instructor: Gregory La Blanc

XMBA 200S, Data and Decisions (Statistics) (2 units)

The objective of this core course is to make students critical consumers of statistical analysis using available software packages. Key concepts include interpretation of regression analysis, model formation and testing, and diagnostic checking. Four hours of lecture and one and one-half hours of discussion per week for seven weeks.
Instructor: David Ravetch

XMBA 202A, Financial Accounting (2 units)

This course examines accounting measurements for general-purpose financial reports. An objective of the course is to provide not only a working knowledge but also a clear understanding of the contents of published financial statements.
Instructor: Suneel Udpa

XMBA 291T, Leadership Communications (2 units)

Today’s organizations demand managers who communicate well. Managers who communicate well are far more effective leaders in their organizations and in their communities. Successful leadership and effective speaking both demand authentic communication. Managers need not only to communicate well, but also to communicate persuasively. They must be able to inspire others, create cooperation among those who work with them, advocate ideas and proposals within their organizations, and deliver the organizational message to those outside of the organization. This course focuses on authenticity, persuasion, and advocacy.

Instructor: Mark Rittenberg