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Term 2

XMBA 203, Introduction to Finance (2 units)

This is an introductory MBA course in investments. Students learn how to value assets given forecasts of future cash flows and about the risk characteristics of different asset classes. The first part of the course focuses on the time value of money. The second part of the course deals with measuring and pricing risk. Finally, the course touches on derivative-basics and capital market efficiency. An effort will be made to tie the theoretical underpinnings to finance to real-world examples.
Instructor: Dwight Jaffee

XMBA 205, Leading People (2 units)

This course takes a scientific approach to leadership- drawing on research and theory from the social sciences—to identify key leadership skills and to provide you the opportunity to practice and refine them.

Beyond intelligence and technical skills, what separates effective leaders from average managers is a set of individual skills, such as the ability to make optimal decisions, and a set of social skills, such as the ability to manage a team effectively. This course identifies these critical leadership skills and provides ideas and tools for improving them. One theme of the course is self-awareness: our goal is to help you think about your leadership behaviors—and other people’s perceptions of your behaviors—and then leverage this awareness to improve in areas which matter to you. Leadership effectiveness is also determined by sources external to individuals. We consider how the larger social systems in which leaders are embedded— organizations –to provide you with skills for effectively leading and influencing others.
Instructor: Dana R. Carney

XMBA 206, Marketing Management (2 units)

As the core marketing course in the program, Marketing Organization and Management is a survey course designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts of marketing management and experience in making marketing strategy decisions. Specifically, the course will cover issues relating to the marketing concept, designing marketing strategy, and implementing marketing tactics. The treatment will be both conceptual as well as with an emphasis on managerial decision-making.
Instructor: Steven Huff

XMBA 296, Silicon Valley Immersion Block Week (Off-Site) (2 units)

Instructor: Toby E. Stuart

Building Trust-Based Relationships (1 unit)

In this course, students are introduced to key concepts and techniques around building trust-based relationships, a key competence of a successful leader in any organization today.

Instructor: Rajiv Ball