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Term 3

Operations (2 units)

This course provides a broad overview of strategic, operational and tactical issues facing manufacturing and service companies. Major topics include process analysis, quality management, project management, supply chain management, service systems management, and operations strategy. These issues are explored through lectures, case studies, and videos pertaining to a variety of industries, from fast food to fashion goods to automobile manufacturing to telephone call centers.
Instructor: Joseph Hall

Strategic Leadership (2 units)

This class takes the perspective of the executive leading the firm and responsible for developing its strategy. The strategic view asks how the future can be shaped to one’s advantage. The purpose of this course is to enable students to analyze and design strategies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Instructor: Paul A Tiffany

Macroeconomics in the Global Economy (2 units)

This course develops and applies models of the world’s economies to explain long-run trends and short-run fluctuations in key macroeconomic variables, such as: GDP, wage and profit rates, inflation, interest rates, employment and unemployment, budget deficits, exchange rates, and trade balances.
Instructor: Andrew K. Rose

Applied Innovation Block Week (Off-Site) (2 units)

In today’s environment – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous – companies must innovate to survive. And, they can no longer depend just on their research and development groups for that innovation. The ability to innovate must be spread throughout the organization. The Berkeley-Haas EMBA program aims to create in all of its students the capabilities to engage in and lead innovation. In the Applied Innovation course, we allow students to practice putting their baseline skills to work on a series of short innovation projects while learning additional skills of observation, framing and reframing, diverging and converging and iterative prototyping and experimentation. Through this course and other experience-based activities, we expect to provide sufficient practice for all participants in the program to allow them to lead innovation efforts in their own organizations as well as to serve as coaches for their classmates and future generations of EMBA students as well creating a community of Berkeley-Haas innovators.
Instructor: Sara L. Beckman