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Berkeley MBA for Executives

Welcome from the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program Office!

Welcome to Berkeley Haas and the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program (EMBA)!  We look forward to getting to know you, and helping you make the most of your EMBA experience. Consider this website your one-stop guide for all things EMBA. We will continue to update it with information until Orientation (May 8-9), so bookmark it and check back often.

Cheers, the EMBA Program Office (PO) Team

Term 1 Course Enrollment

As explained within the Admissions process, all MBA students at Haas experience the same Core Curriculum within the first year. These core classes create a strong foundation of knowledge that cover the areas of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Finance and will allow you to thrive in any business setting. There’s a number of advantages to this structure, including the opportunity to learn alongside your EMBA cohort for the first year before branching into your electives courses (Terms 4 and 5).

One advantage of being an Executive MBA student at Berkeley Haas is that a majority of the class registration and enrollment processes for your Core Curriculum (Terms  1-3) are completed by the Assistant Director of Academics (Adrian Ramos).  There’s no lottery, no agony of deciding which classes to take, no navigating through the  course registration system - Adrian will enroll you within your first term of core classes (Financial Accounting; Data Analysis for Management; Economics for Business Decision Making (Micro); and Leadership Communications) after you’ve taken a few key steps (see below).

Pre-enrollment Checklist

  • Complete the Online UC Berkeley Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Upon registration, you should receive an email from central campus with a link to complete UC Berkeley’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. You will need to complete an online component, regardless of any training you have had for your job, no later than May 9th. If you do not complete the online training we will be unable to enroll you in your courses. The in-person component will be coordinated while you are on campus for orientation.
  • Prepare and submit your immunization records to Central Campus. Proof of immunizations is required for all incoming graduate students. Detailed information can be found here, and the deadline to submit your info is May 31, 2018. Failure to complete this requirement will result in you being dropped from your courses.

    Set yourself up for Academic Success

    Build your foundational knowledge:

    Prepare for Block 1 of your Term 1 courses:

    • Learn about and access bCourses (the Haas learning management system) to review your syllabi for your Term 1 courses and begin reading your Term 1 case studies
    • Access and begin reviewing your eTexts for your Term 1 courses:
    • Pick up your physical textbook for Accounting (you will receive this at Pre Term or at Orientation - note that you will not have pre-reading assignments in Accounting before your first class session).
    • Review these (optional) academic resources:
      • Review of Chapters 1-12 of Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis. Please note that Professor Davis will start his first class of Data Analysis for Management with the expectation that you have reviewed Chapters 1-12 of the course textbook. The most important prerequisite material for this course will be covered during the Pre Term Weekend. We are providing these supplemental resources for those students who would like a deeper dive before Block 1.  

    Familiarize yourself with these UC Berkeley Academic Systems:

    Cal Central

    Cal Central is your go to for enrollment information, bill balance, bill payment, grades, and transcripts.


    bCourses is the Haas learning management system. Here you will find current course syllabi, communications from Faculty, and assignment information. provides access to course materials - case studies, articles, pdfs - Please note that these materials are made available via your bCourses pages.

    Amazon / Whispercast

    Your digital textbooks (etexts) will be distributed to your Amazon account via the Amazon Whispercast Platform, which is accessible via the Kindle app on your prefered digital device.

    Mark your calendars:

    • Orientation begins on Tuesday, May 8th at 5pm at Haas.
    • Add the dates from Term 1 into your calendar.