Koret Interactive Learning Center

Berkeley Executive MBA students are accustomed to using the latest technology on the job. Your classroom should be just as tech-savvy. That is why most of your classes will be held in our most technologically advanced classroom.

The Koret Interactive Learning Center is designed to enhance your learning experience. The large classroom features state-of-the-art video conferencing, dual-screen digital light projectors and hi-def monitors, multiple white boards, and a lectern with touch-screen controls. Each seat is equipped with a network connection and a microphone—and of course, the center is fully equipped for wireless connectivity.

Cameras in the classroom operated by staff in a nearby control room make it possible to record class sessions on request. “Offering students the ability to review a class session when studying for exams or to catch up on a missed session is an obvious benefit,” says Dana Lund, director of Media Services.

The Koret Interactive Learning Center also boasts two break-out rooms, also equipped with cameras, 50-inch flat panel LCD displays for laptop projection and tables equipped with network connections.

The Koret Interactive Learning Center is close to the Bank of America Forum, steps away from the school’s social hub and convenient opportunities to relax and spend time with your classmates.