Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Berkeley Innovative Leader Development (BILD) Graduation Requirement


BILD is the curriculum and set of organizing themes through which Haas develops and delivers its innovative leaders. Beginning with the incoming class of August 2010, there are 2 required BILD courses as part of your graduation requirement.  They are:




EW296, Problem Finding, Problem Solving:


BILD Experiential Learning Course: Students are required to complete a BILD experiential learning course before graduation.  The following courses will fulfill the BILD experiential learning elective requirement*:


*NOTE: Begining with January 2013, the Mid Program Academic Retreat (MPAR) will serve to satisfy the experiential learning course requirement for all EWMBA students.


More information will follow at the start of bidding cycle for each subsequent term. 


Refer to the BILD website for more details.