Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Full-Time MBA Courses

Full-Time MBA courses can be taken on a space available basis. However, you CANNOT take full-time MBA courses that are also offered in the EWMBA Program in the same semester. Specific instructions on taking a full-time course will be given to you if you choose to take one.


MBA 294 Speaker Series Course:

Beginning with the Fall 13 semester, all EWMBA students will be permitted to take up to ONE MBA 294 course toward the completion of their 42-unit course requirement.


MBA 294 is a set of student-lead, speaker series courses design to give students more industry knowledge on a particular area of interest. Unlike other MBA courses, this series is not academically based and will have fewer deliverables. All 294's will be taken on a P/NP basis. Refer to the website here for more information about this series.


NOTE: If you are interested in signing up for the MBA 294 courses, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with the EWMBA Program Office in advance. Because these courses are structured quite differently from other courses in the curriculum, we want to give you a better understanding about them prior to your enrollment.