Evening & Weekend MBA Program


Career Advising
Career advising sessions are available by appointment during the day and in the evening, either in person or over the phone. We offer an initial orientation to career services to students using our services for the first time. Email to schedule all advising appointments.

Sessions may include:

Career Workshops
The Career Center offers workshops and webinars throughout the year. For convenience, many of the topics are recorded and offered in streaming video on our website.

Off-Campus Job Search
The majority of opportunities for experienced hires occur outside of the MBA on-campus recruiting process. To assist you, the Career Center offers a broad range of off-campus job search services.

Directed Job Search Teams - high-intensity, six-week job search teams are offered year-round to help students quickly launch a strong job search. Teams are led by a Job Development Manager and meet by conference call each week to network, motivate and discuss strategy.

Student Projects - an online listing of work-place projects submitted by employers can help you build your skills in other functional areas.

CareerNet Job Board - extensive listings of current full-time, part-time and internship openings targeting the Haas brand. Create a job search agent to receive notifications of new jobs matching your saved searches.

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)
The Career Center operates an On-Campus Recruiting program (OCR) which brings over 100 companies to campus to interview MBA candidates for internship and full-time opportunities.

Availability - students participating in OCR must be available for job interviews on campus between 8am and 5pm from October to April.

Mandatory OCR Training - students who wish to participate in OCR must attend mandatory training sessions. Training includes a 6-hour workshop on resume writing and interview skills, and a 1-hour webinar on how to navigate the OCR process in CareerNet.

Required OCR Deliverables - students who wish to participate in OCR must submit required deliverables. Deliverables include a resume in Haas format, a targeted cover letter, and a career marketing plan. Eligible students will be notified of applicable due dates.

Networking Opportunities
A broad range of career-related events, covering numerous industries of interest to MBA's, take place throughout the school year. They include:

Haas Alumni Online Community and Jobs database
The Haas Alumni Online Community is one of Haas' most valuable job search and networking resources. With over 32,000 listings of Haas MBA alumni - including more than 13,000 listings with email addresses - the directory enables you to tap into the power of the alumni network. Additionally, the Career Networkers database provides a list of Haas alumni who have agreed to be contacted by others interested in networking.

The AlumniJobs database is an excellent resource to find companies targeting Haas MBA mid- to senior-level business professionals. Jobs are searchable by region, company, industry, and other criteria. Subscribe to the weekly AlumniJobs newsletter so you can stay abreast of new postings.

As a current student, you will have access to this extensive network of Haas alumni for conducting research on class projects and to proactively network into a potential job or career change. For more information, go to the alumni wbsite.

Career Center Policies and Professionalism
The following policies were developed for the On-Campus Recruiting program. However, it is important to note that policies around professionalism and offer acceptance also apply to your off-campus job search.

Preparation - Prepare carefully and thoroughly for all interviews. Take advantage of the many avenues available for obtaining company information (e.g. websites, CareerNet resources, library databases, current students, and alumni contacts).

Timeliness - Schedule your interviews and call backs when you are certain you can commit to the interview time. Keep a careful record of all your interview times and time changes. Please make it a habit to check email and CareerNet daily for updates and late breaking news. Arrive at the Recruiting Center lobby 10 minutes prior to your interview. Keep in mind that some recruiters will decline to interview you if you are tardy and that this is subject to their discretion.

Commitment - When you accept an invitation or place a bid, you are making a commitment to attend the scheduled interview. Accept and/or bid for only the interviews you are truly interested in. Remember that missing or canceling an interview will prevent another interested student from interviewing.

Cancellations - Missing a scheduled interview for any reason, including work conflicts, can damage your career prospects, Haas' reputation, and cause you to lose your on-campus interview privileges. If you must miss or cancel a scheduled interview, you must notify the Recruiting Center at least two business days before the interview. You are then required to send a formal letter of apology to the company, and provide the Recruiting Center with a copy, within one week of the interview date. Repeat offenders (2 times) will lose on-campus interviewing privileges and the Dean will be notified of the offense. If you are ill and will miss a scheduled interview, notify the Recruiting Center (643-0344) no later than 7 a.m. the day of the interview, or you will be subject to our cancellation policy.

Attendance at Events - Sign up on CareerNet for company presentations and career workshops and be prepared to attend the entire event. Leaving early is inappropriate unless prior arrangements have been made. Each company will receive an attendance list for their presentation that will act as the sign-in list at the event. Once you sign up, you are committed to attending. Dress code is business casual for presentations and company-sponsored workshops and business formal for all interviews. If the company specifies a different dress code, it will be noted in CareerNet for that presentation or interview. Also, please be aware that if you are dressed inappropriately, you may be asked to leave.

Accepting Offers - If you accept an offer of employment, please notify the Career Center immediately. We will remove you from all pending interviews without penalty. By providing at least two days notice, you allow the Career Center to fill your interview slot with another interested candidate. Report your employment information in CareerNet. Reporting your offer and acceptance information is vital to tracking your job search success and assists the Career Center in identifying students who need additional support. The Haas School does not tolerate the practice of reneging job offers. Offenders will need to meet with the Dean. Reneging on job offers discredits your reputation, Haas' reputation, and may limit opportunities for other students.