Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Repetition of Courses

Graduate students may repeat courses in which they received a D+, D, D-, F, or U for up to a total of 12 units. They must repeat courses for which they received below a C- grade if a passing grade in the course is required by the department as part of the degree program.

If a student repeats a course in which he or she received a grade of D+, D, D-, or F, the units are counted only once, and only the most recently earned grade and grade points are counted for the total of 12 units of repeated work.

Students who elect to repeat a course for which they received a letter grade of D+ or lower must get written approval from the Head Graduate Adviser and endorsement by the Graduate Division. This will prevent the Registrar from counting the units and grades more than once. Contact the Graduate Services Degrees Unit (642-7330) for assistance.