Evening & Weekend MBA Program


After completing your core curriculum during your first year, you may enroll in an Independent Study course for one, two or three units. The EWMBA 293 course is your opportunity to do research in an area of interest to you, in which there are no existing courses. You must find a Haas faculty member willing to serve as your EWMBA 293 supervisor, and together, devise a format. This might include a project, a paper, or a set of directed readings and an exam.

Additional guideline for Independent Study courses include:

-Sponsoring faculty must be actively teaching at Haas during the semester that you are enrolled in the Independent Study.

-You may take more than one independent study course, although no more than three units of EWMBA 293 can be counted toward your MBA degree.

-If you choose to take a 1 unit EWMBA 293 course, this counts towards your four 1 unit course maximum. Please see the One Unit Courses policy for more information.

-EWMBA 293s must be taken for a letter grade.

-You may not enroll in an EWMBA 293 or other for-credit independent study as an "add-on" to an existing course.

-You may not enroll in EWMBA 293 as part of a team.

-You may not enroll in an EWMBA 293 with professors from whom you are concurrently taking a regular course.



The EWMBA 293 enrollment form is available in the EWMBA Program Office or click here to download a copy.