Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Unit Requirements

Unit Breakdown

Evening & Weekend MBA courses range from 1 - 3 units. Please see below for a breakdown of contact hours:

  • 1-unit represents about 45-60 hours of work (15 classroom hours plus 30-45 hours of prep)
  • 2-units represents about 90-120 hours of work (30 classroom hours plus 60-90 hours of prep)
  • 3-units represents about 135-180 hours of work (45 classroom hours plus 90-135 hours of prep)

Non-standard Courses

Aside from the scheduled course electives that are usually worth 1 - 3 units, students may choose to complete the 42 unit graduation requirement with electives that are not part of regular course offerings:

Unit Workload Policies

In a given semester, students must be enrolled in a minimum of:
  • 6 units to receive Financial Aid, including student loans
  • 1 unit to receive career services and student services
  • Students enrolled in 0 units are withdrawn.

The maximum course load per semester is 9 units, unless exceptional approval is granted by the program office.

Students who matriculate prior to Fall 2014 are allowed to take between 42 and 44 units total in the program. Students who matriculate in Fall 2014 and later are allowed to take a maximum of 46 units. Students may choose to take extra units above 42 only in the final semester. Students cannot extend their enrollment past the semester in which they earn their 42nd unit.

Please also note the limits on non-standard courses.

One-unit Courses

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program sometimes offers a number of one-unit elective courses that complement the standard 3-unit electives offered each semester. Students may take a maximum of 4 one-unit electives, including:

  • 1-unit Independent Study courses (See Independent Study)
  • 1-unit Sunday Courses (Attendence at all 1-unit Sunday course sessions is MANDATORY)
  • One MBA 294 Speaker Series course (See Full-time MBA Courses)
The required MBA core courses below do not count toward the maximum for 1-unit electives. For 1-unit core classes with 3 or fewer sessions, attendence at all class sessions is required. For 1-unit core classes with 4-5 sessions, students are permitted to miss one class and still pass the class, but an absence will impact the student's participation grade.
  • EW200C - Leadership Communications
  • EW207 - Ethics
  • EW293.1 - WE Innovate
EW236H - Financial Statement Modeling for Finance Careers & EW236G - Designing Financial Models That Work:
If both of these finance courses are taken anytime during a student's academic career, it will not count against the four 1-unit course limit, as the two together form the equivalaent of a standard course. However, if only one of these courses is taken, it will count toward the limit for 1-unit courses.

EW237 - 3-unit Hedge Fund Strategies and 1-unit Haas Investment Fund Management:
If both the Spring 3-unit course and the Fall 1-unit course are taken, it will not count toward the four 1-unit course limit.