Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Course Videos

  • To request a recording of a course, send an email to with the title "Video Recording Request - date of class, course name"

    In the body of the email, include:
    - Full course name
    - Room
    - Instructor
    - Reason why you cannot attend class

    Please note that course videos are intended for students who are missing class due to a professional conflict or unexpected circumstance that prevents them from being able to come to campus.
  • For weekday courses, requests must be received by 12PM of the same day.
  • For Saturday courses, requests must be made by 12PM the Friday before.
  • Requests are logged on a first come, first served basis (space is limited to 4 recordings per evening and 6 per Saturday). We try our best to accommodate your video requests, but please note there is no guarantee due to staffing or other situations that might arise.
  • Videos will be uploaded as soon as available. They are typically posted between 48-72 hours after recording.

How to Access Course Videos

  • Requested course video recordings will be posted on the specific course page in bCourses 48-72 hours after the class.
  • In bCourses, click on Media Library at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation menu to find your course videos.
  • Recordings are now available to playback in HD and on any mobile device!