Evening & Weekend MBA Career Services


We offer a wide variety of resources to help you manage your professional advancement. Please visit CareerNet to access most of our online resources.

Employment Reports
Presents career trends, industry / function / location breakdowns, top ten hiring companies, etc.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Offers a foundation for understanding your leadership style, problem-solving approach, professional work environment, potential pitfalls, and suggestions for development. Accessible through the Resources tab in CareerNet.

Electives by Career Field
Provides useful courses for various career paths and includes career overviews and key competencies.

Haas Student Business Card Form
Professionalize your networking interactions by having Haas business cards on hand. Submit orders at: http://ucprint.ucsf.edu/ucb/haas/

Familiarize yourself with the "Research" link in CareerNet. This directs you to our internal database of Haas recruiters organized by Company and Contact.


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