Evening & Weekend MBA Program


Career Overview: Entrepreneurs work individually or with professionals in venture capital, banking, accounting, law, executive search, and consulting across myriad specialties including issues of technology, service, marketing, and communications.

Competencies: Independently develop new products, services, and opportunity areas. Refine and evaluate ideas for potential development. Manage cross-functional teams through product development/commercialization phase. Design and coordinate execution of in-market testing. Analyze market research and test market data for critical insights and opportunities. Strong track record of innovation, strategic leadership, and results. Disciplined self-starter with broad range of talents including leadership, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and management. Outstanding strategic and critical thinking skills. Skillful leader with a talent for communication and relationship building.

Useful Courses:

Please note that these courses are not necessarily offered every semester or every year. 

Useful Extracurricular Activities: