Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Finance - Corporate Financial Ananlysis

Career Overview: These individuals provide financial and operational analysis within a company. The operations groups that they support may include product lines, manufacturing facilities, sales and marketing groups, or corporate staff functions (finance, human resources, legal, facilities, etc.). This role could also encompass a broader scope, such as financial planning and budgeting for the company at large. Responsibilities may include revenue and expense analysis and forecasting; product cost and margin analysis; new product projections; property, plant & equipment evaluation; etc. They may help management set up profit objectives, analyze current unit results, provide financial and operational recommendations based on analytical results, and forecast and drive future financial performance.

Competencies: Strong understanding of fundamental financial and accounting concepts. Provide insightful quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation of business situations. Ability to clearly communicate financial results in written, verbal and visual modes. Strong decision making and problem solving skills. Ability to work with non-financial colleagues (engineering, marketing, production, and all levels of management).

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