Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Marketing - Consumer Marketing and Brand Management

Career Overview: Companies that design and sell mass-appeal products or services to consumers rely heavily on their marketing or brand management teams to ensure their products are consumer-relevant and effectively marketed to their target consumers. In traditional consumer products companies, employees are often organized into "brand teams" that operate almost as separate companies within the organization. The brand team is responsible for getting every element of the brand proposition right and for delivering the annual sales and profit goals for the product line. Some of the key activities that brand managers and marketers often lead and perform include advertising and promotion planning, brand and package design, sales and distribution forecasting, consumer research/market research, new product development, pricing and analysis, and development and execution of the annual brand plan. Successful marketers and brand managers often go on to roles as general managers of strategic business units or Chief Marketing Officer positions.

Competencies: Strong skills in project management, strategic thinking and analysis, leadership, creative problem solving, salesmanship, and communications (written, verbal, and presentation skills).

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