Evening & Weekend MBA Program


Career Overview: Operations managers determine where an organization should be based and implement its employment policies, accounting practices, distribution channels, what its facilities will look like, and which vendors to use. Accountants and controllers watch the books. Administrators and managers supervise line employees. Sales reps and customer service agents ensure clients get what they've paid for. If a problem exists, operations personnel will be the first to hear about it.

Competencies: Planning and organizing multiple tasks to meet objectives and deadlines. Manage and support the marketing function and special initiatives to promote conservation and new sales opportunities. Effectively receives, interprets, and disseminates information. Experienced at conflict resolution and organizing, managing, and gaining the involvement of diverse workgroups to accomplish specific projects and goals. Must have knowledge of financial management; ability to navigate change; thorough understanding of policies, products and procedures; ability to network; and ability to be innovative.

Useful Courses:

Please note that these courses are not necessarily offered every semester or every year. 


Useful Extracurricular Activities: