Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Marketing - Technology Marketing & Product Management

Career Overview: The tech marketing and product management industry is fast paced. Products are more complex. As a result, tech companies tend to break the umbrella "marketing" function into two groups: "product management" and "marketing/marketing communications".

Product management focuses on getting all the product features and functionality right. They do consumer research and direct the engineers/developers to design the product to meet the consumer's needs. They do a lot of product testing, project planning, etc.

Marketing in a tech company is separate from product development and is more about developing the communications / advertising / promotion and product roll out plans for a new product. Marketing does not have P&L responsibility like it does in a traditional consumer products firm. They are often responsible for providing guidance to the corporate sales force regarding their products (pricing, product options, etc.) who interface directly with the customer.

Competencies: Similar to brand management, but they will want to see a strong interest/past experience in technology/internet, passion for technology, and other more tech-focused skills.

Useful Courses:

Please note that these courses are not necessarily offered every semester or every year. 

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