Haas School of Business

Billing/Payment Options

Deferred Payment Plan

Deferred Payment Plan *Update 08/12/2011*

A Deferred Payment Plan exists for those students who prefer to pay in five monthly installments. A non-refundable participation fee of $40 will be assessed to your CARS account for each semester that the Deferred Payment Plan is utilized.

Enrollment in the Deferred Payment Plan is done through the e-billing system. To enroll, submit the amount of the first installment noted in the "Deferred Payment Amount Due" box of the e-billing statement via e-Check. The account will not be on the plan until the first payment is received; subsequent payment amounts will be included in the "Minimum Amount Due" box listed on the monthly bill.

Financial Aid and the Deferred Payment Plan

Students receiving financial aid for a portion of their fees may choose to utilize the Deferred Payment Plan as well. The student's financial aid disbursement is applied toward the payments when it disburses, usually after the first bill is generated. Consequently you are still responsible for the first installment until the funds actually disburse.