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Billing/Payment Options

Other Payer Access

Authorizing Access to an "Other Payer" (Spouse, partner, etc.)

One-Time Payment

e-Bill Access

EWMBA Third Party Payment details

Payment by One-Time Payment Gateway

A companion tool to e-Bill / e-Check is the One Time Payment Gateway. This site allows anyone who knows the Student ID Number, the Student Last Name and the amount to pay to submit an electronic payment to CARS from a checking or savings account. The student will be able to see One Time Payments on his/her e-Bill Payment Summary and in BearFacts CARS Payment History.

A convenience fee of $0.50 per payment will apply. The convenience fee will not be charged or posted to CARS.

One Time Payment does not allow for:

  • Viewing of the CARS e-Bill statement
  • Saving of a User Profile

Steps for the One-Time Payment

  • Access One Time Payment from BearFacts (http://bearfacts.berkeley.edu)
  • Select "Student Resources"
  • Select "CARS e-Bill One Time Payment"
  • Enter the 8-digit Student ID Number and Student Last Name (must match University records)
  • Enter the amount to be paid to CARS
  • Confirm the student account
  • Select "Payment Account Information"
  • Enter the Payment Account Information
  • Confirm the payment information
  • Select "Submit Payment"
  • The person making the payment will receive an email notification confirming the payment

E-Bill Access

Students may allow a third-party to view the CARS e-Bill and to make payments to their account via e-Check. Students authorize access to their CARS e-Bill statement by providing the Other Payer with their 8-digit UCB/Student ID Number and their Net.Pay e-Bill PIN.

The UCB/Student ID Number is assigned to the student when he/she is granted admission to the University. This number is unique to the student and is used on all of their University records.

The Net.Pay e-Bill PIN is generated by the e-Bill site when the student activates his/her e-Bill User Profile. The PIN will display when the profile set-up is complete. Thereafter, the Net.Pay PIN is available to the student on his/her e-Bill "Update Information" screen.

The Other Payer will create a unique Logon ID and Password for their individual Net.Pay User Profile.

Steps for Other Payer Authorization

  • Other Payer goes to BearFacts (https://sis.berkeley.edu/bearfacts)
  • Select "Student Resources"
  • Select "CARS e-Bill: Authorized Other Payer"
  • The first time logging in, the other payer will need to select "Sign Up" to create her/his User Name and Password.
  • The other payer will need the Net.Pay e-Bill PIN from the student and the Student ID number.