The Jacobs Fellowship

Jacobs Fellowship

In Fall 2015, the first-ever Jacobs Fellows started their MBAs at Berkeley Haas. The idea fellowship supports talented students who will become future opinion leaders and decision makers able to move between the corporate, public and non-profit sectors.

With applicants coming from diverse backgrounds and fields, the Jacobs Fellowship supports MBA students focused on social impact, non-profit leadership, and social innovation.

In Fall 2016, three new fellows entered the program:

Amanda Eller

Amanda Eller, who graduated from the George Washington University, Washington DC, with a Bachelor in International Affairs states: "I am honored and grateful to be joining the Jacobs Network alongside an inspiring group of Fellows. Given my passion for entrepreneurship as a tool for economic development, especially in West Africa, I am excited to learn from the Jacobs Foundation's deep experience working with corporate social responsibility programs to further social impact goals." The 28 year old fellow, born in the US, started her career on a Fulbright research grant in Benin, where she first became interested in social entrepreneurship. Most recently, she worked for SunFarmer, a startup building solar energy projects for hospitals and schools in developing countries.

Victor Leclere

Victor Leclere, who graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health states: "I am humbled and proud to be a part of the Jacobs Foundation and Talent Network. The Jacobs Foundation's mission to impact child and youth development is inextricably linked to nutrition and access to health care services. As a Jacobs Fellow, I hope to learn more about the Foundation's initiatives as well as provide insights and explore opportunities at the intersection development and health." The 26-year-old fellow, born in France, has been advising greenfield hospitals and health systems in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States over the past four and a half years.

Tyler Saltiel

Tyler Saltiel, CPA, who graduated from George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, with a Bachelor in Business Administration says: "I am delighted to join the Jacobs Talent Network and have the support of the Jacobs Foundation. I look forward to partnering with other fellows, researchers, and the full network to tackle the challenges facing children in West Africa who live in communities with limited resources. My career aim is to remove the barriers, such as lack of access to quality education, that prevent those in poverty from reaching their full potential and I am glad to be allied with the Jacobs Foundation in working to achieve this objective." The 30-year-old fellow, born in the US, started his career at Deloitte providing audit services before becoming Controller at Partners In Health (PIH), a nonprofit organization bringing healthcare services to poor communities in West Africa and around the globe. In this role, Tyler led finance teams as well as oversaw finance and accounting processes at PIH's headquarters and 12 country sites.

In Fall 2015, the two-year Entrepreneurship Career Program was kicked off by three fellows:

Hadiatou Barry

Hadiatou Barry, who graduated from Georgetown University, Washington DC, with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service says: "I am proud and grateful to be part of the Jacobs Foundation legacy of expanding opportunities for youth across the world and nurturing ambition. I came to Berkeley Haas with the intention of leaving as a social entrepreneur and the Foundation's generosity has given me the courage to explore new ways to address education challenges in Africa and turn more dreams into reality." The 26-year-old fellow, born in Guinea, has nearly four years of experience in backstopping and managing transformative and inclusive economic growth projects in East and West Africa.

Nancy Cao

Nancy Cao, who graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, French and Francophone Studies says: "I am excited to embark on the next phase of my career with the support of the Jacobs Foundation. I believe that economic opportunity is most effectively created by the private sector, but without social mission becomes extractive and merely maintains the status quo: a global imbalance of income and influence. I hope to explore this tension through the Berkeley and Jacobs networks, and ultimately find a creative, profitable, and sustainable method for creating economic opportunity and growth in developing nations." The 27-year-old fellow, born in the US, has been carving a career path from business to social impact for the past four and a half years. At a Nairobi-based education startup, Cao is a founding member of the employer training team, and is leading the creation of an internal university for a solar energy company.

Claire Markham

Claire Markham, CFA, who graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, with a Major in Finance says: "I am thrilled to be a Jacobs Fellow because I am dedicating my career towards equalizing access to economic opportunity globally, and particularly access to education. It is a privilege to work towards that goal alongside the Jacobs Foundation, with its remarkable track record at improving education opportunity for vulnerable and underrepresented groups. As a Jacobs Fellow, I expect to gain valuable insight from the Jacobs Foundation team and from the other Berkeley Haas Jacobs Fellows, and in turn share my own learnings in this field while at Haas and thereafter." The 29-year-old fellow, born in Canada, has been working in a global infrastructure team for three years to explore how the private sector can help deliver services – like education – traditionally in the public sector's domain. Prior to her studies at UC Berkeley Markham worked in Kenya where she was offered a means to learn how social businesses can address a critical obstacle to educational opportunity: financial access.

Fellowship duration: 2 years; three fellows per year

Scope: Full scholarship covering costs for studying and living

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