The proximity of Berkeley/Haas to Silicon Valley creates a natural connection to the high-tech community. Over a quarter of Haas MBA students pursue careers in the technology sector, across a wide variety of functional areas including finance, strategy/consulting, marketing, CSR, and entrepreneurship. An emphasis in technology provides you with a broad overview of the industry while complementing your specific career goals.

  • MBA 217 The Business of Social & Other Networks
  • MBA 247 Design & Development of Web Based Products and Services (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 290E Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs
  • MBA 290K Innovation in Services & Business Models
  • MBA 290N Managing the New Product Development Process (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 290P Project Management Case Studies
  • MBA 290T Design and Evaluation of Development Technology
  • MBA 290T Topics in Open Innovation
  • MBA 295C Opportunity Recognition: Technology & Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
  • MBA 295T Start-up Lab (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 295T Media: New & Otherwise
  • MBA 296 Ethics and Decision Making in Green Product Design

Speaker series:

  • MBA 294 Digital Media & Entertainment
  • MBA 294 Topics in Technology

Helpful electives:

  • MBA 217 Business of Networks
  • MBA 224A Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 231 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 236G Designing Financial Models that Work
  • MBA 247 Data Analytics
  • MBA 248 Supply Chain Management
  • MBA 252 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
  • MBA 254 Power and Politics in Organizations
  • MBA 257 Decision Making
  • MBA 267 Product Management
  • MBA 270 Business & Public Policy
  • MBA 275 Managing the Legal Environment of Business
  • MBA 277 Urban Innovations
  • MBA 200S Strategy for the Information Technology Firm
  • MBA 290T Intellectual Property for Tech Entrepreneurs
  • MBA 290T Hands-on Rapid Innovation
  • MBA 291D Data Visualization for Discovery and Communication
  • MBA 296 Intro to Code for MBAs
  • MBA 296 Data Science and Data Strategy

(Please note that the elective courses listed above are not necessarily offered every semester or every year.)

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