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Club Funding:
Club funding is distributed based on funding requests submitted to the VP of Clubs.  Club Funding Request Form

Funding for MBAA Events:
All full-time, dues-paying MBAA members are eligible to apply for reimbursement for approved events, including:

o  Career treks

o  Case competitions

o  Other miscellaneous requests

How much do I get?
For approved career treks and case competitions, you are eligible for up to $100 per person, or $1000 in total for a group of 10 or larger.  The actual amount approved can vary due to a variety of factors, including:

o  Trip Purpose

o  Total Trip Expenses

o  Number of Attendees

o  Initiative shown by club to undertake external fund-raising

Other activities or purchases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  If you think it is something that helps make Haas a better place, ask!

Important Notes and Criteria for Funding Reimbursements:

o  If you need funds in advance: Requests must be submitted to the VP Finance PRIOR to the event, using the MBAA Reimbursement Request Form form.

o  To get reimbursement: If you know you will be incurring a reimbursable cost, please let the MBAA know prior to incurring the expense.  It is much easier for us to approve reimbursements when we are made aware in advance.  Each team must submit the MBAA Reimbursement Request Form and supporting documentation to the VP Finance.

o  Case Competitions: Please note that for case competitions, you are required to have a faculty sponsor to get reimbursement.  This provides the MBAA with a de facto approval of your case competition, and also helps administration track faculty activities. You are also required to submit a 250 word summary of your experience at the event to the VP Communications.  This summary may be used by Haas in official publications.

o  Publicize the Event: All events must be posted on the official full-time Haas calendar, which can be found at: http://events.haas.berkeley.edu/webevent.cgi?cmd=opencal&cal=cal8 Please see the VP Technology or VP Clubs if you have difficult posting the event.  Events not listed on the calendar are not eligible for reimbursement.

o  Receipts: Receipts must be submitted in order to be reimbursed.  Please submit receipts for at least the amount of the agreed-upon reimbursement to the VP Finance.

o  Timeframe:  In general, please allow one to three weeks for reimbursement after the submission of receipts.


Weekend or Evening MBA Members Fees: On top of the individual club fees, students from the Weekend or Evening MBA programs must pay $150 to the MBAA.  This is a one-time payment, good for the entire time these students are enrolled in the progam. This fee provides them with an associate membership in the MBAA which entitles them to the following benefits:

1.   Eligibility for clubs.  The MBAA uses some of the membership dues it receives to support the 30+ student-run clubs organized by the full time program.  We provide base funding to each club each semester, and then provide additional sponsorship funding for club events such as conferences and firm nights.  Each student who joins a club benefits from the MBAA support.  Individual club eligibility policies and membership dues are set at the discretion of each club.

2.   Access to social events.  Each person who pays any form of membership dues to the MBAA is welcome at all MBAA-sponsored social events, including consumptions functions, bar-of-the-week promotions, holiday parties, alumni events, etc.


This limited MBAA membership does NOT entitle students to reimbursement from the MBAA for any activities where full-time MBA students are eligible.

Partners: No MBAA fee.  (Clubs allowing partners may require a separate membership fee.)










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