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The MBAA currently supports 5 on-campus Consumption Functions (CFs) and 1-2 off-campus social events per semester. While the number of off-campus events can be adjusted at the discretion of the MBAA, on-campus CFs are limited to one event per month. CFs are held on Friday evenings beginning at 5:00 p.m. and ending promptly at 8:00 p.m. (Alcohol and noise permits cover only this time period.) CFs are sponsored by the MBAA, clubs or organizations for full-time students, MBAA members and their guests.

The VP Social, in conjunction with the MBA Program Staff, sets a calendar of CF dates by the beginning of each term. The schedule must take into account the availability of the Courtyard as well as other Haas and Berkeley events taking place.

How do I reserve a date for a Consumption Function?
Once the on-campus dates become available, clubs wishing to host a CF contact the VP social to request a date. If the number of clubs interested exceeds the available dates, the selection of clubs is at the discretion of the VP Social. 

What’s required in hosting a Consumption Function?
On-campus Consumption Functions (CFs) provide a free and convenient venue for a student gathering, with logistics support from the MBA program staff. In return for that support, the MBA Program Office requires that clubs maintain a high standard of professionalism regarding set up, clean up and the control of alcohol consumption. 

Clubs requesting a CF date through the VP Social must provide the following:

  • A $100 deposit made out to the MBAA. This money will not be refunded if the MBAA finds that a club has failed to fulfill its responsibilities as outlined below.
  • A rough budget of estimated expenses and funding requested from MBAA.
  • A list of at least 10 volunteers who will help with preparations, crowd and alcohol control, and cleanup.
  • A short meeting with the VP Social to review the “Consumption Function 10 Commandments”

What does it take to run an on-campus Consumption Function?

  • $1200-$2500 for alcohol, food, non alcoholic beverages, and entertainment.
  • A crew of 10-20 who are willing to be fully responsible for setup, ID checking, crowd and alcohol control, and cleanup by 10pm sharp. A larger number of volunteers is preferable.

What does MBAA provide to the club sponsoring the CF?

Typically, the MBAA will match club funds for a consumption function, but may provide as much as $1500 - $1800, which should cover alcohol and some snacks. If the consumption function will have heartier food, the club will need to raise $500 - $1000 in additional funding.  You are encouraged to submit a proposal to the VP Social if you have more elaborate ideas that would justify additional MBAA funding.

How can I create a budget for a Consumption Function?
  Range Notes Avg
DJ or entertainment 0 - $300   $300
Food $500 - $2000 Required if alcohol is served $1200
Alcoholic Beverages 0 - $800 4 cases of Wine and 2 Kegs for Average CF $600
Non-Alcoholic Beverages $120 - $250 Non alcoholic beverages required $75
Ice $40 - $60 Critical in summer months, have it there early $50
Dinnerware $25 - $100 Check MBAA room for plates, cups, utensils, etc. $50
Parking for DJ   Amy Hornstein (Dir. Student Services) can get permit  
Estimated Total Cost $2275

  The Consumption Function 10 Commandments

  • I understand that the responsibility of running a professional Consumption Function affects the Haas School’s ability to obtain Alcohol Permits for future on campus events.
  • I will meet with the VP Social and the Student Services Staff at least two weeks prior to my event to discuss the Consumption Function Guidelines.
  • I will provide the Student Services Staff with information regarding catering, entertainment and a request for a fire permit if a BBQ is planned at least two weeks prior to the event. All outside vendors must provide proof of insurance to come on-campus.  If this is not done in a timely manner, there is a risk that the CF may be cancelled.
  • I will track all expenses (even ones not being refunded) and submit an expense form with original receipts and total budget to the VP Social.
  • I will diligently monitor alcohol, request IDs and check hand stamps until the end of the Consumption Function.
  • I will not serve hard alcohol or hard alcohol mixed cocktails or risk being at fault for the Haas School losing its ability to hold alcohol related events on campus.
  • I will be responsible for set-up, breakdown and alcohol and food control.
  • I will leave the Courtyard and the B of A Forum in the same condition that it was found.
  • I understand that the music needs to stop and alcohol will no longer be served after 9pm.
  • I and my cleanup crew will complete the job and not go home before the VP Social or the student services staff on duty.

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