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We would like to offer the following guidelines to assist students in understanding how an event may qualify for MBAA funding. The purpose of the MBA social funded events is to encourage people to plan diverse social events that improve overall class cohesiveness. The VP Social has the discretion to choose which events are appropriate for funding. For events that are not funded by the VP social, please note that other sources are available for MBAA funding including VP clubs, VP community, VP diversity, VP international.

  • Come up with an idea, and at least four days before the event, before promoting it to students, verify with the VP social that the event qualifies.
  • The event should be targeted at all full-time MBA students and have a target participation rate of no less than 15 students. 
  • The basic funding of $150 should be spent for the benefit of all participants. More funding may be provided if funds are available and the event benefits a larger number of students or supports a specific MBAA initiative.
  • Announce the event to all students through the Social Alert and Haas-Social Yahoo! Group at least three days before the actual event.  You must specify in the message that it will be an MBAA supported event, so that your classmates know how their MBAA dues are being spent. 
  • The funding is not intended for use by clubs and other student organizations.  Clubs seeking funding for events should contact the MBAA VPs of Social and Clubs to determine eligibility.  The primary issues of concern are whether internal or MBAA club funding is more appropriate and whether the event benefits members of the Haas community who are not members of the club that is requesting funding.   
  • Financial support will not be offered to events that occur when classes are not in session.  If you are planning an event during summer, winter, or spring break please contact the MBAA VP Social to determine if an exception is warranted.
  • Someone should take a group photograph, preferably digital, of those in attendance.  Email the photo or photos to haasweek@haas.berkeley.edu and cc: the VP Social. 
  • After the event and within 30 days, please submit your receipts and the form found here to the VP Social, who will submit the forms to VP Finance for reimbursement.

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