Communication Tools


Site Login & Password Description
bCourses CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
New UC Berkeley course management system used for syllabus and class communications in all core courses Fall 2014.
bSpace CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Outgoing UC Berkeley course management system used by some elective faculty for syllabus and class communications through the end of Fall 2014. Login is your full Haas email address
Password you set for Study.Net
Access to copyrighted course materials such as cases.
Online Registrar Haas login (firstname_lastname)
Haas Passphrase
Sign up for Speaker Series courses in your first semester; use for elective bidding & add/drop in subsequent semesters.


Business Library Not required UC Berkeley's Business Library housed at the Haas School.


Campus Groups CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Club and conference management & communications, calendar of MBA events and activities.


bCourses CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Career Management Fundamentals self-study course for building your MBA career search skills, including resources for industry exploration.
CareerNet CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Career management portal for advising, workshop, and event signups and managing your MBA recruiting activities.
Salesforce Chatter CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Newsfeeds for industry-specific information from our employer relations team.


EMS Haas login (firstname_lastname)
Haas Passphrase
Reserve study rooms, request meeting and event space
AirBears CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
UC Berkeley Wireless Network
Bearfacts CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Review grades, registration and class schedules.
Telebears CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Registration site for non-Haas courses at UC Berkeley.
MyFinAid CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Information on loans and other financial aid.

Email & Collaboration

E-Mail & Apps
CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
bMail (GMail), bCal (Google Calendar), bDrive (Google Drive, simultaneous document editing and other collaboration tools). UC Berkeley's Google Apps for Education suite.
Box CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Easily store and share documents, photos, research materials and other files for collaboration.
Blue Jeans CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Multi-party video conferencing and content sharing service.
Adobe & Microsoft Software CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Complimentary copy of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite software

IT/Tech Support

ECSM Not required Key information from Haas Computing
Haas Helpdesk Not required Request tech support


Student Directory Haas login (firstname_lastname)
Haas passphrase
Contact information for Haas MBA stduents.
@Cal CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Search for alumni by name, industry, etc.
LinkedIn LinkedIn login and passphrase Search for alumni and other key industry professionals.