Master of Financial Engineering Program

Certificate of Completion


First, please note that you will not be able to receive a transcript indicating proof of completion of the degree until late June or early July.  The diploma will not be sent out until September.  There is no way for us to petition to get these documents early – what we can do is either provide a letter (useful in many situations, but not always for H1-B applications, so please work with your firm on this) stating that you will graduate on March 18 or assist you in applying for the Certificate of Completion (COC).


If you need a COC, please complete the following steps: 

1. Please remember that COCs are for H1-B applications or other situations where it has been specifically requested only. (If this is not the case and a letter from our office will do, we are happy to write one for you).


2.  Please make sure your grades are not yet in bearfacts (if they are just list the course and grade, and in the signature space, state, “entered in bearfacts”.  Then print your bearfacts transcript and attach it to the batch)


3.  You will need to make sure you have paid all of your fees and that you have no outstanding fees for the program, housing, insurance, or any other campus fee.  Please print a copy of your fee statement from Bearfacts and bring it to our office with the other items listed here.


4. You will need to get your professors to provide proof that you will pass all of your courses.  


5.  Please fill out the attached template with your name and SID number and the course numbers for the courses you are taking as well as the names of your instructors. 


6.  Then, you will need to print out and bring this document to your instructors and get them to input your grade (or the “at least” grade – for example, “at least a B”) and sign in the space provided.  Professors can also send emails to you with this information.  If they do so, just print the email and attach it to the batch.  


7.  Please fill out this form ( and submit it.  Please note that for the item that states, "My dissertation or thesis has been filed and I have received approval confirmation from the Graduate Division (required) *", you can enter "yes".


8.  Bring the entire package and we will check it over, add our memo, and give it back to you to bring to the Degrees office.