Master of Financial Engineering Program

Resources for International Students

1. Full time CPT for MFE students is available for the 10-12 week internship period. The dates are set with the Department of Homeland Security at the start of the MFE program.

2. Some students may be able to extend CPT part-time, but they would be strictly limited (by the Department of Homeland Security) to working 20 hours per week or less.

3. Students who want to extend their CPT and work 20 hours per week through the winter term must have the approval of the MFE office to do so. GPA is a factor in the approval process. In addition, such students must work with the International Office to apply for an extension to the CPT. Please contact the International Office early to ensure that you are able to get your documents in and approved in a timely fashion.

4. For OPT, please see the document linked below, which was presented to the 2015-16 students by the international office during orientation. There are critical dates listed in there, so it is important for you to be aware of these. Please also make sure you contact the international office if you have ANY questions about CPT/OPT.

5. If you are an international student who is leaving the US for her or his internship, you MUST make sure you have your documents in order. Please contact the International Office if you have questions about this.

6. Once you have your offer, you need to check the dates for applying for your Social Security Number (typically, you can begin the application no more than 30 days before the start of the internship and you must have the internship offer; we strongly suggest you begin the process as soon as you are able to). More information on the SSN application process can be found at

8. Please remember that it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that you have your documents together and that you are able to work. You MUST have your CPT approved and documents in order before starting your internship and you MUST make sure to follow the timelines in the attached document for the OPT. MISTAKES CAN BE COSTLY AND CAN HINDER YOUR ABILITY TO WORK IN THE US.

International Student Orientation Slides