Student Statistics 2013 Business & Public Policy Profile

Fall 2013 Admissions
# Applicants 71
# Enrolled 3

BPP Student Profile
Current Students 15
Male 9
Female 6
International 7

Countries Represented:
Chile New Zealand
China United States

Avg. Age 28
Age Range 22-34

Academic Profile:
Median GMAT 750
Median GRE
Verbal 660/164
Quantitative 800/166

Previous Degrees
Bachelor's only 7
Master's 8

Master's Degrees
Economic JD
MBA Statistics


Pablo I. Hernandez-Lagos
PhD '13

Pablo Hernandez-Lagos
Assistant Professor, Economics
New York University, Abu Dhabi

"It was amazing to sit in Professor Oliver Williamson's seminar - a Nobel laureate - and listen to him invite rivals and differing opinions from the other people in the room. Being open to challenge, and being willing to refute challenges, are important here."