PhD Program

Management of Organizations

This field of study is designed to provide PhD students with an interdisciplinary, research-oriented program focused on understanding formal organizations. Faculty research interests span a considerable breadth and include organizational cultures; social networks; negotiations and conflict resolution; power and influence processes; groups and teams; administrative intensity, technology, and strategy; organizational communication, job satisfaction, and job design; organizational design and development; organizational adaptation to external forces; and methods for analyzing interaction structures in organizations. The faculty is trained and active in the related disciplines of psychology, sociology, and economics, as well as management.

Program Overview

Students in Management of Organizations are expected to take the PhD course sequence PHDBA 259A-D. Subjects rotate between micro-organizational behavior and macro-organizational behavior. In addition to achieving competence in an outside discipline by completing at least a two-course sequence, students are encouraged to take courses in sociology, psychology, education, public policy, political science, and public health.