Farshad Haghpanah

Farshad Haghpanah

PhD Student, Finance

Previous degrees:
BS, Electrical Engineering,
Petroleum Engineering, Sharif
University of Technology, Tehran

M.Sc., Management
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

Earning an MBA and working in finance taught Farshad Haghpanah that, instead of repeating the same tasks or doing what was important to someone else, he needed the freedom to determine his own agenda. After doing his research and consulting with colleagues and teachers, he determined the Berkeley Haas PhD Program — on a campus with a reputation for encouraging free expression — was the place for him.

"In my efforts to define exactly what direction my research will take, my professors have been very helpful and supportive. They answer my questions and ask me very good questions, too. They really care about their students."

"Professor Nicolae Garleanu's class in Discrete-Time Asset Pricing was a great class. It was mentally challenging. And because asset pricing interests me as a research area, it gave me real insights into the kind of research I will be doing."

"I would not have believed that I could make such good friends in just a few months, but I have. The friendships I am making at Berkeley Haas will last for life."

"Our class is so diverse that being here is an opportunity to improve understanding of many different cultures and countries. "

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