Lucy Hu

Lucy Hu

PhD Candidate,
Business and Public Policy

Previous degrees:
B.A., Economics
Bryn Mawr College

Concurrent B.A. in Biology
Haverford College

"The 'theory of the firm' is at the heart of the Business & Public Policy discipline, and Professor Oliver Williamson is the driving intellect behind the theory of the firm. It all started at Berkeley, so what better place to study it?"

"I really valued two of the BPP seminar classes. Economics of Institutions opened my eyes up to how much political institutions influence economics. Professor John Morgan's seminar on Contract Theory and Mechanism Design dealt with a topic that was one of my original interests."

"The students were one of my main reasons for coming to Haas. They are smart, friendly, open-minded. Everyone brings different experiences and perspectives to our discussions. We're all here to contribute our best, to move the intellectual process forward."

"The culture at Berkeley Haas rests on questioning the status quo, on stepping outside of mainstream thinking. Studying what drives the determinants of innovation, and their effects, is a strong suit."

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