Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

PhD Candidate, Finance

Previous degrees:
Harvard Law School
Cambridge, Massachusetts

BA, Economics
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

"The intersection between law and finance is so rich in research possibilities, for example how legal and regulatory structures affect pricing. I'm looking forward to exploring the options."

"Even in the first year, the professors emphasize research in ways that will help me hit the ground running when my course work is over and I focus on research. The seminars that bring scholars from around the world are great opportunities to see research as it is being done on the cutting edge. There is always a lot of give and take — nobody takes anything for granted."

"The Haas faculty are outstanding teachers in the classroom and very approachable outside the classroom. I felt like I was drinking out of a fire hose in Professor Martin Lettau's class in Discrete-Time Asset Pricing. It was absolutely eye-opening, and in the end, I realized just how much I had learned."

"I appreciate the diversity at Haas. My colleagues in Finance this year are from Germany and Italy. They bring very different perspectives, experiences, and research ideas to our discussions. That makes it much more enriching."

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