Sanket Korgaonkar

Sanket Korgaonkar

PhD Student, Finance and Real Estate

Previous degrees:
BS, Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

In the first year of his Berkeley Haas PhD studies, Sanket Korgaonkar appreciated the opportunity to establish relationships with a number of professors. "Everyone is so open and approachable," he says. Korgaonkar is already discussing a potential research paper with Professor Dwight Jaffee.

"When I applied, it struck me how much of the professors' research addresses contemporary, cutting-edge issues that affect business today. You also see that in the weekly department seminars where faculty and PhD candidates discuss their research. That speaks to the innovation that goes on at Berkeley Haas. "

"My research straddles the areas of real estate and financial economics. I am fortunate to be working with professors whose own research explores that same intersection. Another interest is the interplay between macro-economics and the banking industry. "

"My classmates are always my first point of contact when I have a question or want to bounce ideas off someone. They are a great resource, willing to share what they know and collaborate. This embodies the idea of Confidence Without Attitude. "

"It has been great to visit Tahoe and get to hike some of the trails here in the Bay Area. And San Francisco is a wonderful city, just across the bay. "

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