First Person
Jack Oh
Jack Oh
PhD Candidate,
Operations Management

Previous degrees:
Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea

BS, Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

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"After selling my plastics manufacturing business in 2006, I decided to study in Korea as a way of getting back to my roots. While studying for my MBA, my desire to research and teach business crystallized. I have the practical experience; now I'm learning the theoretical and research skills it takes to be a good professor."

"The Berkeley Haas faculty in the area of operations management is world-renowned. Everyone seems to be working on interesting topics that hold great promise for improving the way businesses are managed. My years in business gave me a lot of practical insights into operations management. Haas is teaching me to merge my experience and intuitions with the rigor of mathematical models. The curriculum is challenging. But you know the courses are rigorous for a reason — to establish strong fundamentals and bring you to the leading edge of current research."

"My fellow students are among the brightest people I have ever met. We all push each other to perform at the top of our game. The work we do with other graduate schools at Berkeley is a huge strength of the program — from the Economics Department with its Nobel laureates to the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research program. We get to take classes with the best faculty and the smartest students across campus."