Gigi Perry

Gigi Perry

PhD Student, Marketing

Previous degree:
BS, Computer Science and Business, Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, Herzliya, Israel

Gigi Perry is no stranger to innovation. She held leading positions in startup companies and she has seven patents pending from her work in the high-tech industry. Yet she believes "academia is the more innovative environment of all," and appreciates that her Berkeley Haas professors all "look at research, data and theories through an innovative lens."

"The Berkeley Haas marketing faculty is one of the strongest in the world; their research is innovative and advanced. Our professors are very well known in the fields of marketing, economics, and psychology. In addition, we have access to many other top-flight departments across campus, including Economics and Statistics."

"The classes are very good. They are intense, so we learn and practice a lot of material in a short period of time and the curriculum covers many of the models and methodologies that are relevant to the research areas that interest me."

"Having Confidence Without Attitude is a lot about being collaborative. Nowadays, even the smartest person can't succeed alone. We need to brainstorm, to test our ideas."

"Students Always is clearly a PhD student's motto. We need to learn new models and methods all the time—today as students, and in the future as professors. For me — this is ideal! "

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