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2017 Summer Real Estate Symposium

Program Papers

2016 Summer Real Estate Symposium

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2015 Summer Real Estate Symposium

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2014 Summer Real Estate Symposium

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2013 Summer Real Estate Symposium 

Program Papers

  • "Knowing your Neighborhood: Asymmetric Information in Real Estate Markets" by Pablo Kurlat (Stanford) and Johannes Stroebel (University of Chicago)

  • "Fear and Loathing in the Housing Market: Evidence from Search Query Data" by Marcell Chauvet (University of California - Riverside), Stuart Gabriel (University of California - Los Angeles) and Chandler Lutz (Copenhagen Business School)

  • "In-House Transactions in the Real Estate Brokerage Market: Matching Outcome or Strategic Promotion?" by Lu Han (University of Toronto) and Seung-Hyun Hong (University of Illinois)

  • "Asset Quality Misrepresentation by Financial Intermediaries: Evidence from RMBS Market" by Tomasz Piskorski (Columbia GSB), Amit Seru (University of Chicago and NBER) and James Witkin (Columbia GSB)

  • "The Attractions and Perils of Flexible Mortgage Lending" by Mark J. Garmaise (UCLA Anderson)

  • "Unemployment Insurance and Consumer Credit" by Joanne W. Hsu (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), David A. Matsa (Northwestern University) and Brian T. Melzer (Northwester University)



2012 Summer Real Estate Symposium

Program Papers

  • "Bidding Wars for Houses" by Lu Han (Toronto) and Will Strange (Toronto)

  • "Houses as ATMs? Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty" by Hui Chen (MIT), Michael Michawx (USC) and Nikolai Roussanov (Wharton)

  • "Borrower Misrepresentation and Loan Performance" by Mark Garmaise (UCLA)

  • "Energy Efficiency and Commercial-Mortgage Valuation" by Dwight Jaffee (UC Berkeley), Richard Stanton (UC Berkeley) and Nancy Wallace (UC Berkeley)

  • "Financial Innovation in Late-Eighteenth Century Netherlands: The Case of American Land Securities" by Rik Frehen (Tilburg), Geert Rouwenhorst (Yale) and Will Goetzmann (Yale)

  • "Cultural Proximity and Loan Outcomes" by Ray Fisman (Columbia), Daniel Paravisini (Columbia and LSE) Vikrant Vig (LBS)


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