Working Papers

Recent Working Paper Releases

Rosen, Kenneth; Bank, David; Eckstein, Adam; Stern, Michael; Tcheau, Michael: Homeownership in Crisis: Where are We Now? 2017

Jaffe, Dwight; Ibragimov, Rustam; Walden, Johan: Equilibrium with Monoline and Multiline Insurers, 2015

Bardhan, Ashok; Edelstein, Robert H.; Kroll, Cynthia: Housing Market Stability in China and the Potential for Global Contagion, 2014

Edelstein, Robert H.; Edelstein, Michael D.: Crashes, Contagion, Cygnus, and Complexities: Global Economic Crises and Real Estate, 2014

Edelstein, Robert H.: Notes on the Theory of Optimal Public Investment in Pollution Control, 2014

Reid, Carolina K.; Urban, Carly; Collins, J. Michael: Servicer Heterogeneity: Does Servicing Matter for Loan Cure Rates?, 2014

Bardhan, Ashok; Jaffee, Dwight; Kroll, Cynthia; Wallace, Nancy: Energy Efficiency Retrofits for U.S. Housing: Removing the Bottlenecks, 2013

Jaffee, Dwight; Walden, Johan: Optimal Insurance with Costly Internal Capital, 2013

Papineau, Maya: Energy Codes and the Landlord-Tenant Problem, 2013

Wilcox, James A.: Did Residential Mortgages Help Banks and Hurt Credit Unions During the Financial Crisis?, 2013

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Working Papers

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