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The mission of the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics is to educate students and real estate professionals and to support and conduct research on real estate, urban economics, the California economy, land use, and public policy.


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Register for the 41st Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium, November 19th at the InterContinental in SF.

Ken Rosen warns of the upcoming slowdown and recession at ULI.

Nancy Wallace interviewed by Scotsman Guide Media.

Ken Rosen in the Mercury News on Prop 10's impact on the supply of housing in California."

FCREUE research cited in Bloomberg profile of risky nonbank lenders taking advantage of government backing of loans.

Nancy Wallace in Bloomberg on the risks of Fannie and Freddie offering lines of credit to undercapitalized nonbank lenders.

Cal team takes the Golden Shovel back from Stanford, at the 29th Annual NAIOP Golden Shovel Challenge. Congratulations!

“The biggest risk for the Bay Area is the hyperinflation in housing costs. We are in a bubble." Ken Rosen in the SF Business Times on the 2nd-longest economic recovery in US history.

Professor Nancy Wallace and Richard Stanton's work on the systemic risk posed by non-bank mortgage lending in the Financial Times.

Professor Amir Kermani's work on broker networks featured in an article in The Economist on insider trading.

Ken Rosen in the New York Times on dramatic consequences of the GOP tax bill: "It makes the decision of staying in California much more difficult."

Ken Rosen at the ULI Fall Meeting: Deep tax cuts "will give us inflation and higher interest rates, and will lead to a recession two or three years down the road."

FCREUE professor Enrico Moretti in the New York Times on the economic costs of local housing regulations.

A new report by Rosen Consulting and the Fisher Center on the barriers to homeownership in America: Hurdles to Homeownership: Understanding the Barriers. Forbes has covered the report here.

Coverage of the 22nd Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference on ABC7 News.

"Almost a boom." Ken Rosen on the red-hot housing market on CBS News.

Ken Rosen in the Wall Street Journal: Homeownership remains below normal levels, and that has cost the U.S. $300 billion. 

Ken Rosen interviewed on CNBC discussing the impact of the collapse in homeownership on the larger economy.

A new report by Rosen Consulting Group and the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics examines the collapse of homeownership to 50-year lows: Homeownership in Crisis: Where are We Now?

"The day of reckoning is coming." Ken Rosen in the SF Business Times on slowing job growth and the massive wave of new office space coming to SF in 2017.

Professor Palmer on KQED's Forum on the potential weakening of the Bay Area Housing Market.

“It’s not necessarily helping those that need it most." Prof. Palmer on rent control in Silicon Valley in the Wall Street Journal.

Fisher Center professors Kermani and Palmer demystify quantitative easing and explain the important relationship between QE and mortgage refinancing.

"SF and NY are leading the way in the downturn." Ken Rosen in the Wall Street Journal on falling rents in big cities.

Rent control "puts the burden of housing affordability on the backs of a few people", says Professor Palmer in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Our mortgage finance system is still not working well for lower- and middle-income households," says Ken Rosen in the Wall Street Journal.

Only a correction in the tech sector will improve housing affordability in SF, says Ken Rosen in the Guardian.

What would a Republican president mean for US housing markets? Profs Edelstein and Palmer in

Chistopher Palmer in Elle Decor on how Brexit will impact real estate in the US.

"It's an overreaction." Ken Rosen on Brexit in The Registry SF.

Ken Rosen on office leasing in SF Business Times. The current tech pullback “is just the beginning.”

Ken Rosen in Bloomberg: Tech consolidation could lead to job cuts that will hurt home prices and rents in SF.

The Terner Center has launched a new tool for assessing the impact of local housing regulations, the Housing Development Dashboard.

Congratulations to the UC Berkeley team that won the Bank of America Low-Income Housing Challenge with their Heartwood Commons design for West Oakland.

Suburbs try to act like cities to attract young workers: Victor Couture's research on the new urban revival in the Wall Street Journal.

Professor Couture in the Atlantic's CityLab on the causes of the urban revival in America.

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