Undergraduate Program

Freshman to Alumni Outreach Program (F2A)
Student Profiles

Mayra Diera

Thanks to F2A I established a great network of colleagues and faculty that guided me towards essential resources to successfully apply to the Haas undergraduate business program. It was through F2A’s workshops, drop in hours, and student panels that I learned about the application process and how to effectively differentiate myself as a strong candidate. Most importantly, I learned that Haas was a right fit for me. As a current Haas student, I enjoy being surrounded by a diverse group of transfers, international, and MBA students. There are many exciting events that go on beyond the classroom, such as hosting distinguished guest speakers, recruiting events, and cohort socials. One of my favorite programs is the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) where I help high school students enhance their professional development skills and apply to colleges. Each class allows students to connect with professors and gain insightful career advice. I look forward to enrolling in beneficial electives and studying abroad next year.

Kayla Taylor

The F2A program has been a valued resource to me throughout my experience at UC Berkeley. Though I was determined to become a business major, the process was frightening. Coming from an underrepresented community, Berkeley presented me with an overwhelming variety of opportunity, experiences, and adversity. As an underclassman, I attended the F2A workshops seeking resources and advice. The workshops focused on dispelling myths, discussing the application process, and introducing students to faculty resources. In regard to Haas, the F2A program provided me with enough guidance to move past much of my initial stress. Now, I have the opportunity to participate in the program as a student in the Haas School of Business and I continue to use the resources introduced to me as a freshman!

Kayla Dean

I overcame a number of socioeconomic barriers to achieving my academic dreams of being a first generation college student at the world's greatest public institution - UC Berkeley. After being accepted, I knew that I wanted to apply to The Haas School of Business, as I was passionate about pursuing a career in social entrepreneurship and finance. As a 100% self-financed student, excelling in my coursework while working multiple jobs was definitely a challenge. Thus, the F2A support network was instrumental in my success, as I could always rely on them for advice and encouragement. Taking the prerequisites offered me a base skill set that allowed me to land an internship at Credit Suisse in New York City. Since recieving a return offer to their Investment Banking Division for my junior year internship and being admitted to the Haas School of Business, I have been able to learn more about the sectors of business that excite me and build my network through the Alumni Center. Most importantly, the faculty challenge me every day to grow as a student, future business person, and a socially conscious person. 

Trae Guinn

Prior to being admitted to the Haas School of Business, I was an active participant in the Freshman to Alumni Program (F2A). The F2A program provides a solid foundation for incoming minority students. Through F2A, I have further expanded my network and have been exposed to many new internship and career opportunities. As a Haas Undergraduate Business Administration major, I have developed prodigious tangible skills and an innate ability to work in a fast-paced, team-based environment. I have also gained great leadership skills through the on-campus organization, HUBBA (Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association) and F2A. Through HUBBA, I have lead over 20 events with industry professionals from companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Accenture, and Chevron. As the Vice President of Human Resources for HUBBA from 2012-2014, I was responsible for the recruitment and retention of prospective members. During my tenure, we increased membership by over 200% and I was inaugurated as club President for the 2014-2015 school year. Currently, I am working part-time with the Cal Alumni Association as an Event Assistant. I am also an assistant coach for the “All-Pro Baseball” summer baseball organization. I have a variety of interests such as athletics, music, and art. But my greatest interest is video games. I hope to start a career in the video game industry as either a Management Consultant or a Marketing Specialist. After graduation, I will work in finance at Sandler Partners, a telecommunications consulting firm.