Appealing Admissions Decisions

We understand how much time and effort you invest in your application. Accordingly, each application is reviewed in depth by the Admission Committee. We ensure that every candidate is evaluated with full and careful attention paid to his or her particular strengths and talents. Decisions are made only after thoughtful weighing of all the evidence provided to us by each candidate and with careful consideration given to the overall balance of participants we seek for the Undergraduate Program. We understand that being denied admission can be a disappointment, and it is natural to seek to understand the reasons behind the Admission Committee's decision. However, we cannot accommodate requests to discuss specific details about your application or the reasons why you were not admitted.

Our original selection process involves careful individual reading of each application and it is very unlikely that we will choose to reverse our original decision. We strongly discourage letters of appeal unless you can provide significant and compelling information for us to consider. Disagreement with the decision is not a valid reason for an appeal. Information regarding internships or activities you participated in after the original application deadline is not relevant and should not be included in your appeal. For an appeal to have merit it must bring to light new information regarding your academic performance and/or information pertaining to extenuating circumstances that were not discussed in the application. Supplemental information (letters of recommendation, and/or supporting documentation) should not be submitted unless requested by the Admission Committee.

All appeals must be submitted on-line by 4pm on March 2, 2018 and should be no longer than 500 words. Appeals received after this deadline will not be reviewed. We do not accept appeals by telephone, fax, or email.

Appeals become the property of the University of California, Berkeley and cannot be returned, photocopied, or forwarded elsewhere at your request. We strongly recommend that you retain photocopies of your appeal.

Appeal decisions will be posted at 4pm on March 29, 2018 on:

Decisions on appeals are final. Students not admitted on appeal should direct their interest to another major.