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Events Where Payment or Deposit Is Required

Below is a tutorial explaining how to sign-up for an event which requires that a deposit be paid to Haas Business School Association (HBSA).

Some events require PayPal deposits to better control demand and eliminate wasteful "no shows." As long as the student attends the function he/she signed-up for, a refund will be issued within 5 business days after the event. Refunds not collected within 30 days of notification will be forfeited and returned to HBSA.

Step 1: If you are a current Haas undergraduate, log-on to CampusGroups by going to:

Step 2: Look for the event on the "calendar" tab and click on it. Important: As a message (bottom right area of this screen) please specify an e-mail address where you would like your PayPal refund to be sent. This step is extremely important since in many cases your PayPal address will be different from your berkeley.edu e-mail address. The default for refunds will be your berkeley email address. See our example message below. After you type your message to which e-mail address your refund should go, click on "register."

Step 3
: A confirmation screen similar to the one below will appear for a few seconds.

Step 4
: The page will redirect you to PayPal. Log-in with your existing PayPal account or click on the link to create a new PayPal account.

Step 5
: Specify your funding source in PayPal (credit card as in this example below, checking account, or a positive balance). Important: If you are new to PayPal consider sending a few dollar "test payment" to your friend or relative and ask them to send it right back to you. This will allow you to fully confirm your ability to send payments before event sign-ups begin. If a very popular event is available for sign-up at 12pm, you don't want to waste time trying to set-up a new PayPal account at the last minute.

Step 6
: After payment has been sent, you will return to CampusGroups where you will sea confirmation message like the one below. You will also be able to see your payment under "my events" and "my payments" inside CampusGroups. Of course, PayPal will send you an e-mail message confirming your payment, too.
Step 7: Your attendance at the event is now confirmed! Event organizers will retrieve your sign-up and deposit information from CampusGroups. They will often send you additional logistical event information via e-mail.

Step 8: In most cases as long as you attend the event, the HBSA Finance Team will send you a refund via PayPal within 5 business days. They will send it to the e-mail addres you provided in Step 2.

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