Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Cohorts and Cohort Leaders

To boost community spirit and create a more supportive, cohesive environment, students enter the Haas Undergraduate Program divided in cohorts. The cohorts allow students to navigate their major experience with a smaller group of their classmates. Activities are centered on social, community involvement and a host of other engagement opportunities. Each of the six cohorts has around 60 students.

The Class of 2016 and 2014 cohorts are:

The Class of 2015 cohorts are:

Read this article on our Undergraduate Student Blog to learn more about your cohort names.

Class of 2015

Bancroft Cohort Leaders

Lucy Chen <lucy.chen11@berkeley.edu>
Subhashree Rengarajan <subhashreerengarajan@berkeley.edu>

Lucy Chen
is a current junior hailing from sunny San Diego, CA. Her professional interests include non-profit consulting, brand strategy, and graphic design. On campus, Lucy works at the Cal Alumni Association and is involved in Net Impact, PBL, Innovative Design, & Portraits of Kindness. When she’s not hibernating or Yelping, Lucy loves meeting new people, catching up with Suits & Game of Thrones, and exploring Bay Area festivals.

My name is Subhashree Rengarajan, but most people call me Subha. I'm a Bay Area native, and have spent most of my life in a lovely town called Pleasanton. I'm an Applied Mathematics and Business Administration double major here at the best school in the world (GO BEARS!) In my spare time, I'm heavily involved with Cal Spirit and Traditions through the UC Rally Committee; It is my second year on the Executive Committee, and I'm currently the Director of Multimedia. Outside of my extracurriculars, I work as a Cal Campus Ambassador for Visitor and Parent Services, as a Resident Assistant, and as a Math Workshop leader for the Student Learning Center. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos of my friends, family, and other amazing things. My goal as a Cohort Leader is to really engage our students with interdisciplinary projects on campus, and to show the world that Berkeley is the best!

Blue Cohort Leaders

Wilson Tsai <wilsontsai@berkeley.edu>

Wilson Tsai is a junior transfer student that is currently pursuing a degree from Haas as well as a minor degree in History of Art. Professionally, he has held internships at Northwestern Mutual as well as the Federal Trade Commission in San Francisco. In the future, he hopes to enter the banking industry or work in finance related positions for start-ups. Wilson is infatuated with Rachel Zane from the hit television series Suits and is an avid fan of urban style hip hop and rap, particularly from artists Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Ab-Soul.

Campanile Cohort Leaders

Rafaela Jung Hee Choi Lim <rafy0928@berkeley.edu>
Juliana Kim < julianakim@berkeley.edu>

My name is Rafaela Jung Hee Choi Lim, or Rafy for short. I am a Business Administration major and Public Policy minor. I was born and raised in Paraguay, a beautiful country located at the "heart of South America." I am very passionate about poverty alleviation, education, and microfinance. I enjoy making new friends, traveling, playing the piano, watching Korean drama and going grocery shopping. At Cal, I'm part of the Latino Business Student Association, a Catholic fellowship group called Chun Jin Ahm, and am working at the Academic Service Center. I do not know what specific area I want to pursue yet. But, I think this ambiguity makes me open myself to many different things that I wouldn't otherwise explore!

My name is Juliana Kim and I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I am a Junior Transfer from Glendale Community College in Glendale, CA. Besides currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration, I am working on my CPA requirements to be certified shortly after graduation. Some of the main things that I love doing, watching, and talking about are Food (cooking & eating), Tennis, and Brazilian soccer. I recently just got very interested in martial arts, ceramics, and knitting as well, so if any of these interest you, I’m always happy to have some company! My goal as a Cohort Leader is to provide students with an environment to work productively while getting to know each other personally. Hopefully Rafy’s and mine efforts with yours combined allow us to make the most out of the 2 years we have! Please don’t hesitate to reach me with any suggestions or feedback as I am excited to meet each and every one of you and listen to what you have to say! Cheers to the Class of 2015 and GO BEARS !!

Gold Cohort Leaders

Gloria Yen <glory12angel@berkeley.edu>

My name is Gloria Yen, and I am from Tustin, California.  On campus, I am a project manager for the Undergraduate Marketing Association, and also have had years of experience doing sales with the Daily Californian. To link my psychology major with Haas, I also am doing research on consumer behavior at Haas.  Aside from my academic extracurricular activities, I have been playing piano and cello for over 10 years.  I have performed at the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, and have won national and international competitions. When I am not busy doing all of that, I will be jamming to Broadway or Disney tunes, curled up on the couch watching Food Network, or channeling my love for criminal psychology through Bones and Law and Order SVU.

Haaski Cohort Leaders

Jesar Shah <j.shah94@berkeley.edu>
Jessica Yi <jessicayi@berkeley.edu>

My name is Jesar Shah and I'm from Dubai! Things that I love include traveling, eating, cooking and coding (I'm pursuing a Computer Science minor, if that helps explain the last one). I love spending my time discovering and exploring different cultures, and in the future would like a job that will give me several opportunities to travel! I also enjoy being active in several clubs on campus, some of which include Phi Beta Lambda and the Indian Students Association, and I plan to join intramural and club sports next semester! In terms of my career, I would like to get into consulting and get my CPA by the time I graduate. I can't wait to get to know all of you in my cohort and I look forward to meeting each of you very soon!

Jessica Yi
is a third year business major. She moved from South Korea to the Bay Area in elementary school and has been here since. Jessica is interested in finance and consulting, and she enjoys listening to podcasts, watching action movies, and reading.

Shattuck Cohort Leaders

Daisy Martinez <daisy.martinez@berkeley.edu>
Monica Diliberto <monica.diliberto@berkeley.edu>

Daisy Martinez is a 3rd year from San Jose, CA. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration major, along with a Spanish minor. On campus, Daisy is involved with the Latino Business Student Association, where she has several leadership roles--such as, VP of Finance and VP of Community Affairs. For her professional future, Daisy aspires to work jointly in South America and California, in order to utilize her language skills and satisfy her desire for cultural enrichment. Along with the basics, Daisy is an extremely social and outgoing individual and she also loves to dance, play soccer (or any other sport), as well as weight train. So feel free to reach out if you would like to do any of the above or any other activity!

Monica Diliberto is a 3rd year transfer student studying Business Administration from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has used her passion for retail management and fashion to not only allow her to have worked at Nordstrom in Palo Alto, but also to help her acquire a Store Management Internship at Macy’s for the summer of 2014. In conjunction with being the Haas Shattuck Cohort Leader for the Class of 2015, Monica is also involved with FAST (Fashion and Student Trends), where she is part of the Executive Board as an Internal Affair Director. Monica’s other interests include designing her own lines of clothing, exercising, and watching collegiate gymnastics.

Class of 2015 Cohort Liaisons

Jessica Li <jessica.g.li@berkeley.edu>
Stacey Patten <staceypatten@berkeley.edu>

Jessica Li is a third year Business Administration and Statistics major from Diamond Bar in Southern California. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, going to music festivals, roller coasters, meeting new people, traveling, and watching Sherlock. At Cal, she is involved with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, Danceworx, and American Red Cross. Her professional interests include hospitality management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. She is excited to work with her cohort leaders to make everyone’s Haas experience even more amazing!

Stacey Patten is transfer student from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is excited to help build a strong sense of community within the Haas Undergraduate Program. Professionally, she has worked for Wells Fargo Bank, CitiBank, and most recently G2 Insurance Services. Her professional interests include strategic consulting, real estate, and financial services. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, running, and meeting new people.

Class of 2014

Axe Cohort Leaders

Angie Ngo <ngoangie@berkeley.edu>
Sonia Yousef <soniayousef@berkeley.edu>

My name is Angie Ngo and I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, Bay Area! During my spare time if I am not watching "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," you can find me hanging out with friends playing taboo, going to flea markets/swap meets in the area, or laughing at live stand-up comedy shows. A big part of me at Cal serves as peer counselor for the SLAS/EOP and Summer Bridge community which aims to cater to first-generation college students. A quote I try to live by is from Bill Cosby which says, "Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it." I hope to land a career in consulting and/or work with organizations aimed towards building a strong education system.

Sonia Yousef is a 4th year studying Business Administration. She is passionate about the mission of Not-For-Profit organizations and hopes to create one of her own one day. In her free time, Sonia enjoys running and hiking, and loves being outdoors.

Bear Cohort Leaders

Parisa Movahedi <pmovahedi@berkeley.edu>
Evan Santiago <evan.santiago@berkeley.edu>

Parisa Movahedi is a senior pursuing a degree in Business Administration. She comes from Southern California and transferred to Haas from Santa Monica College. Other involvement with the Berkeley campus include her position as Executive Vice President of HBSA, a member of the Women's Chorale, and various consulting groups including The Consulting Club at Berkeley. She loves singing, dancing, cooking, spending time with friends and meeting new people, and traveling. Professionally, she is interested in pursuing a career in consulting. Parisa loves to help anyone with any questions they may have so please feel free to reach out and email her!

My name is Evan Santiago and I am from a small city in So. Cal. called Simi Valley. I am a 4th year transfer student from Moorpark Community College majoring in Business Administration. During my free time you can find me hiking with friends, hanging out in the city, playing sports, snowboarding, or wakeboarding. I also practice Yongmudo (martial arts) here at Cal. I am a founding father of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and am currently the house manager for the fraternity. Previously, I was the V.P. of Student Services and Outreach of the HBSA, the Haas student govt., as well as one of the coordinators for the Haas Senior Gift Campaign. I really enjoy helping people out, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

California Cohort Leaders

Aneri Shah <anerishah@berkeley.edu>

Aneri Shah is a Business/Economics double major from Hong Kong. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and hiking. Professionally, she is interested in consulting, technology and entrepreneurship.

Oski Cohort Leaders

Nikhil Crain <ncrain@berkeley.edu>
Sophia Yu <sophia.yu@berkeley.edu>

Nikhil Crain is a double major in Business and Conservation and Resource Studies who is interested in international trade and corporate sustainability. He loves outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming, as well as traveling to new places.

Sophia Yu
is a Business Administration and Economics double major who is interested in making the most of her next two years at Haas. She is excited to build new friendships and create lasting memories with the rest of her Haas peers.

Sproul Cohort Leaders

Hillary Le <hillary.le@berkeley.edu>
Nimerta Sandhu <nimerta.sandhu@berkeley.edu>

Hillary Le is a fourth year student studying English and Creative Writing in addition to Business Administration. Hillary is involved in leadership development and event planning with The Californians, and will be heading Senior Week and General Commencement as Senior Class Council President for the Class of 2014. Within the Haas community, she contributes regularly to the Haas Undergraduate Blog and loves engaging with her fellow Sproul-ers as Cohort Leader. Some of her favorite pastimes are reading, scouring locations for good eats, and chatting over coffee.

Nimerta Sandhu is pursuing a simultaneous degree in Business Administration and Public Health. She was born and raised in New Jersey but moved to the Bay Area during high school. She is interested in the intersection of business and healthcare and hopes to use the knowledge, skills and resources she gains at Haas combined with her Public Health background to improve efficiency of and access to healthcare for all. In her spare time, she loves to run, go hiking and try new restaurants in the Bay!

Telegraph Cohort Leaders

Hongyi Harry Li <lihongyi@berkeley.edu>

Harry Li
is a senior double majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. Born in China, he moved to Indonesia at the age of six and came to Berkeley as an international student three years ago. In his spare time, he loves reading books, critiquing movies of all genres, wikipedia-ing obscure topics, and swimming. Besides the cohort program, he is also a member of Theta Tau engineering fraternity, the ResComp team and the Berkeley Indonesia Students Association on campus. Professionally, he is interested in technology and entrepreneurship. He is excited to serve as one the cohort leaders for the class of 2014, and hopes to make everyone's time here as fun and kick-ass as possible!

HBSA President

Rosemary Hua <rhua@berkeley.edu>

Rosemary Hua is the president of the HBSA (Haas Business School Association).

Cohort Liaison

Tammie Chen <cyaning2313@berkeley.edu>

Tammie Chen is a senior pursuing a degree in Business and Public Policy. She comes from Carmel and was originally born in China. She enjoys dancing, cooking and anything German. Tammie most recently worked as an investment banking analyst at Barclays, and previously worked at Gramercy and Citigroup.