Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Cohorts and Cohort Leaders

To boost community spirit and create a more supportive, cohesive environment, students enter the Haas Undergraduate Program divided in cohorts. The cohorts allow students to navigate their major experience with a smaller group of their classmates. Activities are centered on social, community involvement and a host of other engagement opportunities. Each of the six cohorts has around 60 students.

The Class of 2016 cohorts are:

The Class of 2015 cohorts are:

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Class of 2016

Axe Cohort Leaders

Sebastian Werz Axe <sebastianwerz@berkeley.edu>
Megan Yen <meganyen@berkeley.edu>

Sebastian Werz is a transfer from Santa Monica College pursuing a degree from Haas with focus on innovation and consulting. During his time in high school, he developed an online entertainment network with an audience of 100 thousand. Thereafter, he became the Community Manager of Machinima, a Youtube start-up network. At Berkeley, Sebastian is looking to collaborate and gear professionally towards making positive changes in health and medicine. He is always excited to meet new people, explore new places and ideas, and make the most out of everyday. Feel free to reach out to him!

Megan Yen is a 3rd year Business Administration major from the San Jose Bay Area. In addition to joining the Haas Cohort Leaders, she is involved in the Berkeley Business Society and Colleges Against Cancer. Professionally, she is interested in finance and consulting. In her free time, Megan loves exploring new food places, chatting over coffee, and daydreaming about traveling the world. She also goes for the occasional run/hike, but much prefers stuffing her face with buttery pastries.

Bear Cohort Leaders

Erica Fossum Bear <erica.fossum@berkeley.edu>
Alex Park Bear <ckstnpark@berkeley.edu>

Erica Fossum is a junior from Los Altos, CA pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Haas. She is returning to Berkeley fresh off an exciting summer internship in Accounting at Groupon, Inc. in Chicago. She also completed an Operations and Sales internship last summer at Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corp in Seattle. In addition to school and internships, Erica enjoys most outdoor activities, especially hiking, paddle boarding, and water skiing. She is excited to dive into the Haas curriculum to further define her career goals and plans to build a cohesive cohort group that will learn from one another and have some fun!

Alex Park is a third year pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the Haas School of Business. Alex came into this world with heart and Seoul from South Korea, but grew up in the mitten-looking state of Michigan. He hopes to pursue a career in the banking industry and live the rest of his life wearing assorted impressions of suits and ties in the various shades of navy and dark grey. Alex enjoys watching horror and romantic comedy films and dislikes long walks on the beach.

California Cohort Leaders

Jesse Bowens < jebowens@berkeley.edu>
Julie Xiao <juliexiao@berkeley.edu>

Jesse Bowens is a third year transfer student majoring in Business Administration. She is an enthusiastic tennis player and coach who aims to found a tennis academy. Her other interests include: Most sports, music, and Chinese language and culture. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships with her peers and is excited to join her fellow Haas students along this next journey towards future goal.

Julie Xiao was born and raised in the sunny city of Los Angeles. She is interested in advisory and is planning to get her CPA after graduation. On campus, she plays intramural volleyball and is involved in Phi Beta Lambda and Livingwater Church. She is passionate about serving inner city communities and hopes to work with non-profits in the future. Outside of academics, she loves hanging out with family and friends, playing with dogs, hiking, and getting Litt Up. She cannot wait to meet and get to know every one of her peers!

Oski Cohort Leaders

Ariella Sosis < ariella.sosis@berkeley.edu>
Jacqueline Young <jacquelineyoung@berkeley.edu>

Ariella Sosis is a junior transfer student from San Diego, CA. After her sister and mom were diagnosed with Crohn's disease, Ariella began a nonprofit organization to raise money for Crohn's disease. Ariella is heavily involved in Hillel (Jewish Student Organization) on campus, student outreach programs, and business clubs. Interning at Versace and FortyCloud (a cloud security startup in Israel) has continued to ignite her love for Marketing and Sales. At Haas, Ariella is excited to explore consulting. She is also extremely passionate in music and sings and plays guitar in her spare time- she is always ready to jam with fellow musicians. Feel free to contact her with any questions!

Jacqueline (Jackie) Young is a third-year Business Administration major. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys watching sporting events and cheering on her favorite teams, including the SF Giants and the 49ers. In her free time, Jackie likes hanging out with friends, eating, and traveling. She is excited to work with her fellow cohort leaders and make everyone's Haas experience as amazing as possible!

Sproul Cohort Leaders

Andrea Haro <and.haro@berkeley.edu>
Kevin Yin < kvyin@berkeley.edu>

Andrea Haro is from Elk Grove, California, a suburb near the Sacramento area.On campus she is actively involved in LBSA (Latino Business Student Association), her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and works at the Graduate Assembly as the Finance Assistant. Outside of that she enjoys running outdoors, playing/watching soccer, and getting to try new desserts (macaroons and flan are some of her favorites)!

Kevin Yin is currently a junior pursuing a major in Business and a minor in Computer Science. He grew up in Shanghai, China and has also lived in Newport Beach, CA. On campus, Kevin is involved in PBL and Colleges Against Cancer. Last summer he worked at Visa Inc. as a product development intern. His professional interests include technology, entrepreneurship, and strategic consulting. When he is not looking for places to eat, Kevin loves meeting new people, catching up with The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones, and exploring various hiking trails around Berkeley.

Telegraph Cohort Leaders

Daniel Phan <danielphan@berkeley.edu
Cassarie Soungpanya <cassariesoungpanya@berkeley.edu>

Daniel Phan is a junior from San Jose, CA, pursuing degrees in Business Administration and Media Studies. In his free time, he likes to go hiking, watch/play sports, catch up on his favorite TV shows, and listen to music (hit him up if you like country!). He also loves to travel and explore new places, and has studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and is interested in a career in finance or sports marketing/management. At Berkeley, he has worked for Cal Athletics, rowed for Cal Lightweight Crew, and was a member of the business club, PBL. He looks forward to working with the other cohort leaders and all the members of the Class of 2016 to make these two years at Haas the best possible experience for everyone. Here's to the best cohort group ever (Telegraph '16), and as always, Go Bears!

Cassarie Soungpanya is a third year transfer student studying Business Administration. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and transferred to Haas from Napa Valley College. Cassarie is interested in pursuing a career in consulting or marketing. Her other interests include hiking, Mad Men, and badminton. Cassarie has always enjoyed helping and supporting her peers, so feel free to reach out to her!

2016 Cohort Liaisons

Mansha Seth <manshaseth@berkeley.edu>
Jess Mersten <jmersten@berkeley.edu>

Mansha Seth is a Business Administration major and a Peace and Conflict Studies minor from Chico, California. She hopes to foster a sense of community between Berkeley students and the City of Berkeley through her work as the Special Projects Director in The Berkeley Project. Besides working with other students and faculty members, Mansha enjoys running, traveling, and exploring all of the quaint coffee shops Berkeley has to offer. In the future, Mansha hopes to pursue a career in marketing and international trade.

Jess Mersten is a Business Administration major and French minor from San Diego, California. A true Cal fanatic, Jess cheers on the Golden Bears as a member of the UC Rally Committee and gives tours to campus visitors as a Campus Ambassador for the Visitor Center. When not practicing walking backwards, you'll find her cooking, listening to music and exploring Berkeley's many coffee shops with friends. Jess is interested in pursuing a career abroad in marketing or public relations, but is open to exploring other fields.

Class of 2015

Bancroft Cohort Leaders

Subhashree Rengarajan <subhashreerengarajan@berkeley.edu>

Subha Rengarajan is a Business Administration and Applied Mathematics double major from Pleasanton, CA. She is involved with many different campus organizations such as her roles as a math tutor in the Student Learning Center, an RA at Clark Kerr. Subha is very interested in consulting and completed an internship with Protiviti, an internal audit and risk consulting firm. She is excited for her senior year and all the activities that the Cohort Program will host!

Blue Cohort Leaders

Wilson Tsai <wilsontsai@berkeley.edu>

Wilson Tsai is a Business Administration major and an Art History minor from Fremont, CA. This past summer, he had the opportunity to work for Softbank's investment banking and private equity divisions in Shanghai. On his free time, Wilson enjoys spontaneous excursions with friends to nearby Santa Cruz or weekend roadtrips to Lake Tahoe or Southern California. In the future, he hopes to enter the exciting venture capital space here in the Silicon Valley.

Campanile Cohort Leaders

Rafaela Jung Hee Choi Lim <rafy0928@berkeley.edu>
Juliana Kim < julianakim@berkeley.edu>

Rafaela (Rafy) Choi is a Business Administration major from Paraguay. For the past two summers, she interned at Deloitte, completing its Discovery and Audit Internship Program. On campus, Rafy is a member of the Latino Business Student Association, facilitator of a Catholic fellowship named Chun Jin Ahm, and supervisor of the Unit 2 Academic Center. Rafy enjoys exploring different cultures, traveling, grocery shopping, hiking, journaling, and drawing bubble letters. She is passionate about education and technology and hopes to undertake an exciting project involving both of these in the near future.

Juliana Kim is a Business Administration major from São Paulo, Brazil. She transferred from Glendale Community College to Haas after being exceptionally involved in the Student Government program. She believes that one of cohort program's most important goals is to provide an environment for Haas students to get to know each other and make the most out of the time we're given to spend at Haas. In her spare time, Juliana loves cooking, experimenting new hobbies, and watching soccer games (especially when Brazil plays)!

Gold Cohort Leaders

Gloria Yen <glory12angel@berkeley.edu>

Gloria Yen is a Business Administratioin and Psychology double major from Orange County, CA. This past summer, she interned with Nielsen in their Innovation practice as an analyst in San Francisco. She is currently the president of both the Undergraduate Marketing Association as well as the Berkeley Marketing Club. She also had past experiences working at the Daily Californian and doing research with Professor Critcher at Haas. Aside from academics, Gloria has also performed cello and piano around the world for roughly 12 years. In her free time, Gloria loves to attend music festivals and travel.

Haaski Cohort Leaders

Jessica Yi <jessicayi@berkeley.edu>

Jessica Yi is a Business Administration major from Sunnyvale, California. Jessica is interested in working in finance and has spent the last summer at Barclays as a public finance investment banking intern. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys watching movies with friends and family and reading. She is excited to wrap up her time here at Cal with an amazing last year.

Shattuck Cohort Leaders

Monica Diliberto <monica.diliberto@berkeley.edu>
Eric Golden <eagldn@berkeley.edu>

Monica Diliberto is a 3rd year transfer student studying Business Administration from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has used her passion for retail management and fashion to not only allow her to have worked at Nordstrom in Palo Alto, but also to help her acquire a Store Management Internship at Macy’s for the summer of 2014. In conjunction with being the Haas Shattuck Cohort Leader for the Class of 2015, Monica is also involved with FAST (Fashion and Student Trends), where she is part of the Executive Board as an Internal Affair Director. Monica’s other interests include designing her own lines of clothing, exercising, and watching collegiate gymnastics.

Eric Golden is a Berkeley native who transfered into Haas from community college. On campus he is involved with the Re-entry Transfer Student Association (RTSA), which is an organization that focuses on assisting re-entry and transfer students get aclimated to UC Berkeley. Outside of school he is involved with Toastmasters and enjoys traveling, cooking, watching movies, and listening to music.

Class of 2015 Cohort Liaison

Jessica Li <jessica.g.li@berkeley.edu>

Jessica Li is a Business Administration and Statistics double major from Diamond Bar in Southern California. At Cal, she is also involved with Zeta Tau Alpha and the American Red Cross through the Public Service Center. She will be working with EY as an Advisory Services Risk Consultant after graduation. She is excited to work with her cohort leaders to make everyone’s Haas experience even more rewarding and amazing!

HBSA President

Stacey Patten <staceypatten@berkeley.edu>

Stacey Patten is Business Administration major from Marin County, California. Stacey spent this past summer in San Francisco working for Prudential Real Estate Investors as an Investment Analyst on their Acquisitions and Asset Management teams. She is also currently President of the Haas Business School Association where she plans to further develop a sense of community within the Haas Undergraduate Program. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, running, and meeting new people.