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Experiential Learning Program

The Haas Undergraduate Program Office is proud to offer our undergraduate students the ability to gain practical skills through the Experiential Learning Program workshops, which are conducted throughout the academic year. Open to Haas undergraduate majors only, these non-credit workshops provide opportunities to enhance the students' personal growth beyond the classroom setting. Workshops usually focus on one topic of general interest and are conducted by professional facilitators during 1 or 2 weekend days.

Below is a sample of some of the workshops and their brief descriptions. Actual workshop topics may vary and the semester in which they are offered may change.

Typical Workshops

Finance Interview Training and Financial Statement Analysis - This seminar introduces the terminology and approaches of financial statement analysis and to assist candidates seeking employment in any occupation involving financial statement analysis.

Introduction to Corporate Valuation - Assists candidates seeking employment on Wall Street and in their field of finance. Through practical examples and exercises, the seminar illustrates the fundamentals of popular valuation techniques used by Wall Street practitioners.

Fundamentals of Financial Modeling - Designed to develop financial modeling skills through actual hands-on construction of a financial model. Each participant will build their own interactive financial model from “scratch” to practice blending accounting, finance and Excel skills.

Mergers and Acquisitions/Leveraged Buyout – Includes a conceptual discussion of both areas and hands on practical experiences in both merger analysis and leveraged buyout analysis. This session will give students the opportunity to build a standalone one page model for each area.