Undergraduate Program

Haas Business School Association, HBSA

The Haas Business School Association is the official student government organization for the Haas Undergraduate community.

The student leaders of HBSA link the voice of the students to the administration, faculty, and UG office.  Through open forum town hall meetings, daily conversations with fellow students, and close contact with the Haas community as a whole, HBSA members work to address student concerns, improve campus services, reach out to new students, and maintain relationships with former ones.

Each week, HBSA representatives meet with the Undergraduate office.  By constantly staying in contact with the program Directors, they are able to channel student feedback, concerns, and new ideas to the Haas administration—then work together to address those issues.

Here is a brief list of a few projects that HBSA leaders are responsible for:

  • Social Cohort Program for all Haas Undergraduate Students
  • Annual Mentorship Program for incoming Haas Undergraduates
  • MBA Admissions Panel for business students who are working towards MBA Programs
  • Coordinating activities and increasing collaboration between the 20+ Haas-sponsored student organizations
  • Haas Diversity in Business Conference, in partnership with the MBA Association
  • Working with the Undergraduate Program Committee to address and prevent violations of academic dishonesty
  • Class trips to see the Golden State Warriors and Oakland Athletics
  • Haas Socials where students get together outside of the classroom to go ice skating, play broomball, or participate in team competitions
  • Community Service Projects, most recently with Rebuilding Together
  • Proactively seeking out student input with regard to new, student-led initiatives

This list is not rigid—it is constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of Haas students. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about the Haas Business Student Association. For more information, please visit:


Weekly Student Newsletter E-mail
Every week, the HBSA Team prepares a weekly newsletter that is e-mailed to all Haas undergraduate students. Please see instructions here: