All prerequisite courses must carry a minimum of 3 semester or 4 quarter units and must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher no more than 5 years before starting the business major. California community college students must follow the articulation agreements on To access the articulation agreement choose "Start Assist." At "Institution," choose the college you are attending. Under "Articulation Agreement," choose the University of California, Berkeley and click "Continue." Finally, identify the major by choosing "Business Administration" and then click "Continue."

If you repeated or have taken more than one course to fulfill a prerequisite you must use the first attempt to satisfy the requirement. If you received a C- or higher for your first attempt you should not repeat the prerequisite. Some requirements may be fulfilled with exam credit.

Prerequisite Courses for Transfer Students

  • Principles of Business--One introductory business course is required prior to transfer to the business major.
  • Math (Calculus)--2 semesters or 3 quarters of calculus.
  • Economics--Course(s) in macro and micro economics.
  • Statistics--An introductory course in probability and statistics for business.
  • English/Reading and Composition (R & C) Requirement (more information below).

English/Reading and Composition (R & C) Requirement: You must satisfy this requirement by completing courses comparable to both UC Berkeley's English R1A and English R1B. Students at schools other than California community colleges should refer to for a listing of articulated courses.